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  1. I should add to the mix that I was out drinking the night before aswell :wiggle:
  2. http://www.themoviebox.net/movies/2006/NOP...The/trailer.php
  3. Ah man! If that happened I would actually die on stage! A good way to go ??
  4. It's about time he started to get invloved in more films like this, and get away from the "Big Will" type films
  5. I LOVE the american attitude, no idea whats going on in the world at ALL !!
  6. So glad Italy went through, I can't support Germany, Portugal or France for obvious reasons, plus I have an Italian friend so this keeps the tournament going for me.
  7. Entertainer Will Smith headlined Philadelphia's Live 8 concert on July 2, 2005, a day of shows that brought the issues of African poverty to a worldwide audience. On the anniversary, the Overbrook-raised Smith tells Inquirer writer Michael Klein how ordinary people can keep the work going. He also brings us up to date on his latest projects. http://www.philly.com/mld/philly/14930896.htm go to the link to have a listen
  8. Not really botherd about owen being out for the rest of the tournament, he's been playing so bad recently it's like he's not been on the pitch. play walcott he can't be any worse than owen
  9. When Germany come up against a decent team they will get ripped to pieces
  10. Rooney is fit !!!! :gettinjiggywitit: that means the other 31 nations are going down, you heard me c'mon England !! (if you hadn't worked it out i'm really excited for this world cup)
  11. Think about it, Hip Hop and 'urban' music has been the most popular music genre for a while now, but we all should know that every so often that genre changes, dance, pop etc have all had their times in the spotlight. Hip Hop has had it's time and is now on the decline, and bands/indie music, is now getting bigger and bigger and is going to take over from hip hop the music industry goes in circles so 'urban' music will eventually re-surface.
  12. For me it's between JJFP @ the iRobot premiere (easily the best out of all the recent ones they have done) or Alicia Keys in Birmingham a couple years back Common at the Urban Music Festival was awsome aswell
  13. *High 5's Julie* it's no good be a good rapper if you can't make a good song - that is the reason for their lack of commercial success
  14. There was a link to the song on this forum about a month ago, didn't we discuss this then
  15. really ? she was on tv here last night, and she said she didn't think it would be
  16. i've never heard this one what is it
  17. Wills not gonna be in it, it just says he was considering it when the previous director was involved, although there's nothing to stop him coming back into the film
  18. not for beating up airport attendents, lol... Firstly it was police officers who got injured not airport attendents which makes it alot more serious secondly it wasn't a law that banned him !!, it was a decision taken by the home office, based on this and things that have happend in the past
  19. as much as i would like to see and English team win, I see Ronaldiniho running riot tonight
  20. I've always believed that the people you hang around with or in this case employ, reflect who you are, surely he knew the type of people they were.
  21. Serves him right, he can't act like that and get away with it
  22. overall career it has to be Will, I don't see LL going as far as Will has in acting
  23. Oh and your weren't gonna check it out if it was just some act from the UK, :bat:
  24. They usually release these when someting else is happening, so should we be expecting something else JJFP related to be happening around this time ?
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