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  1. I'm not saying your wrong, cus i think you know alot more about this than me, but I checked the magazine again and it says London's soho
  2. Does anyone know if they are doing any filming in London ?? because I was reading Heat magazine today and they have a short paragraph of Will being spotted in Soho running around with a big gun in a scene for the film
  3. It's not just the International trailer it's the UK one :pony:
  4. Maybe, but i don't see the point, rap music in general is on it's way out, with 'gangsta' rap even further down the road. I don't think anyone wants to go back there
  5. I used to like snoop, but when a guy says "Normally, I don't make records for the ladies because I like being real derogatory towards the women" such an idiot, actually glad he's not allowed back in the country now
  6. Is it better .. Yes I would say his stuff has got better with each album
  7. Just go the album today and I must say it is amazing !! the song with Joss Stone - Anniversary is a stand out track, really good so anybody else got this yet, if not go get it now !! :stickpoke:
  8. Whats going on with Chris Martin, recording and hanging out with overhyped rapper #1, producing for Jay Z - I'm actually looking forward very much to that track
  9. At the UK premiere of Talladega Nights, in London this evening, in full England football kit !!,
  10. I sense somebody doesn't like the English :bufordpusser: haha, kidding of course I see what you are saying but I think the thing people had in their mind that at that time was the fact Bush publicly said that Blair was the first person on the phone after it had happend to offer suport. And the suposed "special relationship" between US - UK, are all things you have to take into account
  11. but that's only for the one with special effects and action movies Ok so your saying that only action movies, and films with big special effects are made for cinemas. Wow you better tell Hollywood they have been doing things wrong since the the 1920's
  12. Yes it is !!, not because of special effects, it's something that doesn't happen often And you lose the effect of any film by watching it at home, everyone knows films are better in the cinema because they are made for cinema, and have to be converted for home viewing.
  13. I think the issue here is your spelling of the word "newz"
  14. It feels very strange that you dont said Will, but... I would have to say: 1. Will 2. Sam Jackson Yes Will Smith is my Idol, but i'm not a nutter stalker, and seeing as sam jackson is the coolest man in the world
  15. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/entertainment/5270414.stm Actor Tom Cruise has come last in a poll to find the celebrity people would most like to have as their best friend. Jack Black, star of King Kong and Nacho Libre, came top of the poll, which was run by Yahoo! Entertainment. Black beat Johnny Depp, who came second, followed by Will Smith and Samuel L Jackson.
  16. I'm really looking forward to the song with Joss Stone
  17. Ok so I didn't follow your advice - many shots were consumed :kool:
  18. Just got back from seeing this and I must say it is .... Amazing !! :gettinjiggywitit:
  19. You fool, it's a true life story :rofl:
  20. I'm looking forward to this, I dunno if it will be as good as the live action films tho
  21. Guys I think we need to lay off the Oscar nominations...if it were tohappened it'll be great. But, I don't think you should get your hopes up, not because anythings wrong with the movie..it's just alot to ask. The only thing that matters is if it's a good movie. What you got to know is that the buzz in the industry (i.e. people who have seen the movie) are the people that started the oscar talk, And the studio decided to releasing the film right in time for oscar consideration
  22. Any movie that is good is my type ... so i'm going to love this Deserves atleast some Oscar nominations
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