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  1. i think you got that a little wrong hush got to number 4 if i remember correctly
  2. calling them midweeks are stupid as they only show sales from monday
  3. compare how much partystarter is on t.v. to how much the new madonna one is, it's unreal i'll do some more searching for the mid week info
  4. I did think this would happen as the promotion only started the week it came out, so i didn't think it would be high to begin with
  5. Hey !!, he said he wants to tour thats the important thing i think he was joking about getting fat, i think it goes along with him stopping action movies in a few years
  6. well being onstage with the game is a no no, he's gonna get dissed by 'fiddy' now :lolsign:
  7. Yep, i've seen ad's in magazines, and heat also gave it a very favourable review
  8. thats even better seeing as downloads are included in the main chart
  9. You should have pushed her out of the way so you could get a better view of the t.v. :chuks: :paperbag: :pony:
  10. woolworths are running adverts for it aswell, i think it might be their single of the week
  11. I loved extras !! the first episode with ben stiller was the best one, i missed the sam jackson one on holiday though Brad Pitt is in the second series also after being asked by Gervais at Live 8
  12. yeh, she was on columbia then aswell, and no shock but they messed her about like they did to will so she left
  13. I almost fell over when i saw the ad, interscope are finally doing something atleast this is about as much as they did for switch, plus this is getting more airplay on the t.v. so there is no reason it shouln't atleast equal what switch did, it should do better though
  14. Yeh, it's definately positive. what are you on about them dissing each other, they are friends Will did her intro at the Super bowl last year
  15. i got like the entire philly starting 5, overall decent team for me though, this league is mine. can someone explain the waiver thing i got like 9, which is the second highest
  16. a word of warning if i get first pick it's all over :chuks:
  17. Just for that, the Sixers are going to get swept by the Spurs during the regular season. not going to happen, the sixers did that without webber and dalembert, with iverson and korver both played about 25 mins and under
  18. http://www.nba.com/games/20051012/SASPHI/recap.html Sixers down the spurs 100 - 88, :gettinjiggywitit:
  19. who cares about the nano, when this is coming out
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