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  1. 2016 has been dreadful for this sort of news. Another true icon gone too soon.
  2. I don't think it helped that it was a remix of a track released 6 months prior by a relatively underground act. If it had dropped at the same time as the original then more of a push for it may have occured.
  3. Yeh, just a tester, and its the type of song that would either be massive, or just stay on the club scene. However if it ended up blowing up, i bet Will would have jumped on the hype train and got recording more consistently.
  4. Well this is all very positive news. Thanks as always Nicole.
  5. Good to hear from you Man. Glad life is going well. They years have flown by at a crazy rate.
  6. Glad this turned up. Had this taped off of MTV back in '02 AJ was there in person if i remember right.
  7. That's another issue. Any time Will has performed with Jeff its always been hush hush and never announced for fans to buy tickets. We need to be told about the shows.
  8. Netflix originals are a pretty big deal these days to be fair.
  9. We know one of them definately does. Will seems to really not get it sometimes, and what he is best at should be showcased again.
  10. I think we're looking at the odd festival appearance at best.
  11. Watched it this morning. There were a hell of a lot of skits and jokes about black actors and the racism scandal. Some funny, some a little forced. But it was abit overkill come the end. There was a pre-taped skit that was a dig at Will. But i won't go into it.
  12. I recently got engaged so all my money is going towards the wedding from now til then. Luckily i had already put some cash to the side just for a show or two. It better happen now.
  13. Yeh, Youtube are quite on the ball with copyright stuff now. Everytime i upload a new vid with any music on i get warnings or restrictions about third party content. There's the spotifys of this world for people to go virtual crate digging.
  14. Well 4 dates confirmed is better than none for sure. I have a feeling this Bestival thign is true and it'll get announced quite soon. But i hope for some other UK shows as well. Isle of Wight is a pain to travel to and from despite the distance in theory.
  15. Boom is one of the weaker songs on Code Red in theory. But think about it as a pop rap anthem and the singalong chorus and you can get why it was so popular in a lot of countries. Its a bonafied '90s anthem over here in the UK.
  16. Yeh its still a floor filler here. Up there with the Jump Arounds and Gangstas Paradises of rap throwbacks
  17. Well, we're back to square one again. Not a bad square one. But i'm just looking for legit confirmation of shows and movies.
  18. True, in Hollywood its all about star quality. Acting comes second
  19. Sounds a lot more promising. Bestival announce their first acts today. But i am glad Will says "Shows" Plural. Because me getting to Bestival will be hard work in itself as work colleagues already have it booked off and we are limited with holiday in that sense.
  20. There's still a little buzz about them doing Bestival in the UK. Someone tweeted them asking about JJFP performing, and they responded with a ;) wink emoji and that their comment was noted. Maybe nothing, maybe everything.
  21. It's a frustrating time for us, as we have been getting glimpses of this becoming a reality on and off for over a decade, and almost been told straight up it will happen within the last couple of months. Its got to the stage where a random friend of mine said "I hear Will Smith's on tour in March", and i'm like "Where the hell did you hear that" . He says its on twitter. So the buzz amongst the casual fan is definatley there and being spoken about. Will needs to not lay all his eggs in one basket (movies) and get back to how he was. On top of both Rap and Film 1997-2002
  22. Jeff's comments in that article worry me a little that the tour has gone from a definate to a possibility. It seems the same old problem of getting Will tied down and committed to something music wise is back.
  23. They'll be getting together at times throughout the year for tour planning. Plus i'm Jeff and Dayne recorded whilst on the road. Him and Will could do the same. Im staying somewhat positive.
  24. Ted, Up the volume on your vocals. Its tough sometimes to hear them over the beat. As for Birthday ideas. I can't believe its been a year since his 50th. May be we could all pull together with our dream tracks for the JJFP shows, what it means to us to see them live finally and send our wishes at the same time.
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