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  1. So, what are everyones realistic approach to getting to any concert dates? I am confident at least one UK show will happen. Most likely London. But if it really came to it, I would travel abroad if need be. Hopefully they'll be some announcements soon so we can all start planning. Shadow Dreams become reality in 2016
  2. The answer is simple. Bad Boys 3 = Saving Will's Movie Career. But lets put this in perspective. Its 2016, JJFP are on tour, Suicide squad will do really well. Things aren't all that bad in the Smith fold.
  3. However good this film could be. I just never saw it as a box office draw. Its just not rush to the cinema for that big screen experience type of film. Anyway. Get these few promo weeks out of the way and its all about JJFP tour plans
  4. Probably gonna be a pretty abstract project. Will give it a listen at somepoint.
  5. So i finally got round to watching Focus. Long are the days i'd be in a cinema screening the day a Will Smith filmed dropped. But i was pleasantly surprised by this film. I really quite enjoyed it. So here's to Will hopefully having a bit of a resurgence on screen, allbeit not at the expense of his music career.
  6. Just imagine a live version of I Wanna Rock with The Roots. Perfection
  7. 2016 i think we'll see a single or 2. Maybe not an album. But a bit song will be enough to generate some buzz for a tour.
  8. Yeh if they're headlining it would be the equivilant of a big regular show for them set wise. Its just the crowd might not all be that familar with anything but the hits, which may change their approach to the set list. Bestival strong rumours for artists really don't appear this early though, so i am reluctant to believe this is the way it's going til something more concrete comes along. My work colleague and friend sitting oppositie me right now has been to the last 8 years of Bestival, even proposing to his girlfriend at the one this past September. he says don't get caught up by the rumour mill til about February / March time.
  9. You're right. The festival route is smart for the act. For the fans it is frustrating. I am a huge Outkast fan but struggled to find the funds at the time to sort tickets out for their UK festival dates. Bestival is also a very fast growing and popular festival in the UK so tickets go fast.
  10. Set times are announced prior. They would sure be one of the headline evening acts though, plus could probably get a fay ticket just for the day they're performing. Travelling there though is a real pain if you are just doing a day. Its incredibly rare that any rumour this far before the festival would come to light. Plus yeh, i think they'd do proper dates on the mainland as well.
  11. I'm struggling to find any legit backing for this rumour to be true. Think it's just festival and fan optimism more than anything else.
  12. What's the source for this info Tim? A new bestival festival is starting up in Canada soon as well.
  13. Its a great festival. Very varied in music. Outkast played there this year. Anoyingly i wouldnt get the long weekend off work so would have to travel down for just the day. Hopefully a Saturday or the Sunday,
  14. Not that Jeff would do it these days. But i'm not convinced her was playing live. Maybe i'm wrong.
  15. I down with my '70s funk thanks to digging through my Dad's record collection.
  16. This is probably on most hit songs / weeks on the charts. Therefore it makes sense. The Beatles and Elvis alone probably have 50 number one tracks between them.
  17. It's gonna be epic, i need to do a write up of when myself and Brakes saw Jeff the other week. We said to Jeff about we'd like album tracks as well as the hits and he assured us we wouldn't be dissapointed..
  18. This video is getting posted by a lot of big sites. I think they didn't believe Will about a tour when he initially mentioned it. But now it's on for sure.
  19. Awesome. Will have a proper look round shortly.
  20. Thanks Guys, i know we all have a good story to tell out our history with JJFP's music. It was really cool of Jeff to post the article up on his facebook page as well.
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