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  1. Shame. But cheers for shedding some light on this for us Lerkot.
  2. Yeh you always see the first free LP's on vinyl but i havent seen Homebase or Code Red before. My girlfriend picked me up the first 3 records for my birthday this year. She is a keeper.
  3. They do seem to have dissapeared, yeh AJ. I will pick this up, just for the collection.
  4. This isn't new news, but there resentment towards Flash is understandable. Flash was clever in all of this i guess. I'm seeing Melle Mel and Scorpio Live soon at a festival which also has Sugarhill Gang and Wu Tang on the bill. Cannot wait.
  5. Man, this is like our 4th appearance now. Feeling honoured.
  6. DJ Jazzy Jeff & Dayne Jordan @ The Jazz Cafe: https://youtu.be/3z1SfOdXnDA
  7. Hey all. So i just got back home from seeing Jeff and Dayne at the Jazz Cafe last night. The crowd was electric as was Jeff's set. I; gonna put up a couple of videos later of how Dayne is being incorporated in. For the most part he lets Jeff do his ting which is great but Jeff also give Dayne time to get up and show the world what he's about. Anyway i got to chat with both of them for a solid half hour after the show. Jeff was telling me about how Will has been showing Jeff a lot of stuff he's recorded / written and Jeff is impressed with it. Jeff is more confident now than ever before that now is the right time for Will's return. Jeff's adamant on finding making the right music for this. He's been telling Will he doesn't need a hit single. They spoke about how they're not in it for fame and money but for the love. Will seems focused at the moment. Let's hope shooting Suicide Squad doesn't take him away from the game plan too much. Also, expect Dayne and Jeff's full length album to drop in July. You won't be dissapointed. Speaking to Dayne you can see why him and Jeff has the chemistry that maybe others Jeff has worked with haven't quite worked out. The two of them together are making magic. Dayne was telling me how in awe he was of Jeff and Will doing the show in Toronto the other week and how the on stage chemistry is for them. Dayne is a humble guy who is just happy to be learning all of this and taking in the experiences.
  8. Welcome Man. Glad you had an awesome time.
  9. Glad you had a good night Man. Roll on two weeks for myself
  10. I'm trying to keep a lid o my excitement. We know Will is busy for a while and his buzz for this comes and goes so we'll just have to wait and see and if i get a chance to ask Jeff about what Will is thinking music wise when i see him in a few weeks, i will. Although we know Jeff isn't spilling anything in a hurry.
  11. Lucky bunch, Lets hope Will is just doing this to get himself back warmed up for some proper shows. You never know he could just turn up at one of Jeff's shows.
  12. Have an awesome time Man. I got my ticket for Jazz Cafe. Riding solo to this one.
  13. Would have been more excited by this 5-6 years ago. But still will be a spectacle for sure.
  14. I'm gonna hit up the Jazz cafe show at the start of May. Being a Bank Holiday weekend it suits well.
  15. I just posted this in another thread. Very cool, and very promising that Will keeps talking about a return to music and now Jeff has thrown his hat in the mix, even if for a comedy approach
  16. Yeh all depends on who is willing to buy and when i guess.
  17. This EP has blown me away. Jeff's best prouction in ages, and Dayne Jordan is a true talent.
  18. Jimmy Fallon is killing it this weekend. FPOBA, Saved By The Bell and now Will himself on the show. Pretty impressive week
  19. I think another Jazz Cafe date is already planned as well. Will have to keep our eyes out for others.
  20. The new trailer looks good.
  21. I'm still sifting through Breaking Bad, Started season 5 now. Not long to go.
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