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  1. You're right AJ, I have had this on a lot as well. Jeff has worked with a lot of up and comers / almost stars for a while. This just seems to have worked on a whole new level though. Dayne is truly a great MC, and is bringing out the best in Jeff's production. For anyone who hasn't bothered getting hold of this yet you are missing out.
  2. Downloaded, Saved to mp3 player. Ready for my train journey to Sheffield tomorrow night.
  3. Damn right Tim, Well up for putting on an event or something somewhere. If we plan waay in advance may be we could gather people from all over to attend.
  4. All the best Tim, Here's hoping 2015 is a better one for you. Hope the new job works out well and you can potentially make it over to the UK sometime soon.
  5. De La Soul basically give everything away for free now, It's awesome. A lot of love the De La
  6. Pretty cool story. Love hearing how things are pieced together.
  7. Yeh, Super Mario 3D World. Still yet to get it myself but reviews were really strong.
  8. Thanks Brakes, Gotta pump up my microphone audio abit next time. There are some of the N64 tracks remade for this game Dude. Just pimped out in HD goodness.
  9. Hi Guys, I have just picked up some new kit to stream gaming footage. So thought i'd give it a try with the new downloadable Mario Kart levels. This may not be that interesting to most. But you'll probably appreciate one of the posters up in my apartment.
  10. Jeff didn't lie about getting back there more often then. Enjoy the show Man
  11. Its' Harry freakin' Potter rapping. If you can't appreciate that in itself then go back to bed.
  12. If you don't mind me being honest Ted. The effort is definitely there, but the rhymes could be a bit tighter with the timing. I'd say try it again, and lay off the singing at the end, Just let it play out. Where did you get the instrumental of this track anyway?
  13. So by now, y'all are bored of my show reviews as its about the 11th or 12th time i've been to a Jeff show. I'll keep this one short. Me and my friends who went were among the oldest cats in the club, so Jeff played a mostly modern set. It was still enjoyable to hear in the mix though, and shows Jeff's versatility to play to a different crowd. Dayne Jordan kept the MC'ing to a minimum to allow the focus to e on Jeff, but did spit a few great verses. It was great talking to him and i let him know he's building up a good rep on this forum of the stuff we have heard from him and Jeff so far. I spoke to Jeff about when an album is dropping. He said they have more than enough material already but ideas keep flowing and recordings keep happening. In fact they were recording some stuff in their hotel today. It's unclear whether or not Skillz is done with the world touring with Jeff now. I think the door is open for him to return but he's doing his own DJ shows at the moment so i guess its all about timing. Once again a very fun night, and i always appreciate a return to the city i used to live in.
  14. Ted, I wouldn't read too much into that. Money talks at the end of the day. Will thought gangsta rap was wack. Dre took offence personally. They're probably cool now, but i could never see Will showing up at one of these type things.
  15. Awesome Man. A have a friend who is over in Perth. I think i may persuade her to go.
  16. Fair point Jim. You know Will though, he'll never plan a show. Just turn up somewhere
  17. Julie, you've seen Jeff more than the average fan, don't worry x
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