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  1. It's not looking likely i'll get to any on this tour, due to my wedding and honeymoon coming up. Jeff's playing in Hastings the night of my wedding. If its a late start time he has, he is more than welcome to come do an early set at my wedding
  2. Love seeing success stories like this. If one career doesn't quite go as you planned. Desire will take you on another path to success.
  3. This is Big. Let's hope Will rides this in the right direction and not let us down again.
  4. I held off for the physical release but finally got that a week a go. The album is pure fire. Every track sounds different, and the flow of all the guys performing is on top of their game. Very happy with it. Releases like this and De La Soul this year tell me that Will shouldn't be afraid in his mid to late 40s in releasing material.
  5. This will be dope, I'm sure. Ted, Kendrick is one of the few modern artists i think is deserving of an appearance. Plus it helps bring in a new audience to Tribe with his name value.
  6. If it was complete with another proper verse and it had been put on the soundtrack and a video made it would have been a sizeable hit i my book.
  7. Yeh, i wouldn't even call it a Hip Hop album. It has a blend of everything.
  8. It's great. Very polished, alternative. Very different.
  9. So more torment from Jeff and Charlie mack on instagram in the form of the Too Damn Hype Posse in a photo together. Whether its recent or not i am unsure. But every little thing like this gets me intrigued if they are plotting shows or just hanging out. It's frustrating yet exciting. I'm seeing Jeff in 6-7 weeks so if no news is out before then i am hoping i can get something from him.
  10. Awaiting to pick this up from my local HMV. Just need to get into town. De La are in my top 3 Hip Hop acts of all time. So great to have them back properly.
  11. Would be good promo alongside the exiting JJFP.com one.
  12. We've spent years with efforts to promote Will's stuff. Why stop now.
  13. I wouldn't say backwards Ted. If anything it is is finally forward thinking. The app probably has A LOT of users, and the track is the first thing that appears on it. The app is the only way people know about the song, so them users more than likely wouldnt be fussed about searching for it on youtube. Its just if Will is that fussed about promotion elsewhere. Which in a good way he probably isn't right now.
  14. I am currently running on a low end android phone as recently broke my Galaxy phone and not due an upgrade til January. Annoyingly the app regularly shuts down on me. So really not use it for anything but access to the track so far. But Brakes has cured that issue as well. How's the view count on youtube looking Brakes?
  15. Good title, and i ma happy they are pushing it back if it means its not rushed and done properly. But yes Michael Bay's over the top action directing will be missed for sure.
  16. The best thing to come out of today is not the track itself. it's Will coming to terms with the fact that just putting out music in any form is the most important thing and not to worry about labels, hits and popularity.
  17. Not yet, although give me til the evening GMT and i'll have it in mp3 format for everyone
  18. I lile the track. Wills not on it enough though. So almost sounds like a high qualiy demo that wasnt quite finalised. Still this is a very positive showing for the future. Big Will bring us some more soon..... And that tour
  19. I thought the Swedish House Mafia had all but retired as a group.
  20. That show sounded like it was one of his best.
  21. Better reviews have picked up a little now, and for the most part my friends opinions of it when seeing it have been positive. I am going to go see this on Sunday. Think its the first Will Smith film i've been cinema to watch since MIB3
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