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  1. So Jeff yesterday on facebook all but confirmed a 2016 release of his 3rd album. 2016 the year of the real rapper. Who would you like, and realistically expect to appear on this album?
  2. Awesome. I don't own physical copies off a few of ATCQ's albums so will probably pick these up.
  3. I think new dates are still being announced Dude. Keep an eye out.
  4. When we get to Alex Kidd's 30th anniversary next year I'll have to get you up for a video Brakes.
  5. If you do make Cambridge. Let me know, as me and Mario would be heading to that one. Would bee cool to meet up.
  6. Hope it was a good show Man. The crowd looked Hyped from what i saw Jeff putting up. Jeff's got a lot of dates October into November coming up. Annoyingly i am out of the UK for two of them weeks so missing two shows quite close to me in Nottingham and Milton Keynes. I am hoping to make the Cambridge show the following week though. Brakes, you about for any of these?
  7. I know there a few video games fans o the board. This September marks the 30th anniversary of one of the most iconic games of all time. Super Mario Bros. I am sure many of you have played a game in the series. I have recently started a gamer youtube show with my old friend Rudi called Black Arrow Game Talk. We have just uploaded a special video celebrating the 30th anniversary of Super Mario. Please check it out if you get a chane as we battle it out on a classic forgotten game in the series.
  8. Awesome Man. Bit too far a trek for me that one. Have a great night.
  9. This album will do well. It seems a lot of people have written it off, only to change their minds after several listens. I just got a copy off a friend so will give it a listen this evening.
  10. Announcing a week prior to a MASSIVE album dropping, is out of the blue enough for me ;)
  11. So i see Dre's new album has dropped out of the blue on itunes. I'll have to check that out when i get home after work.
  12. That's normally what a camera filter is for lol. UK weather is probably on our a par with Philly's more or less throughout a year
  13. I dig how the video is basically a complete video re-run of the original. More funny is the blatant non summer look of a UK summer hehe
  14. De La Soul were added to the bill of a festival i went to this past weekend in Sheffield. Unfortunately i had to get home before they played. I saw them back in '08 and need to again soon. They are regularly touring the UK so i have no excuses.
  15. Cool. Always good to have some Jeff live mixes in the collection.
  16. Can't say i am familiar with Japan Meets vegas, Birthday Party or The Live. At least not by name Dude.
  17. Q-Tip has always been the Man. Very much looking forward to this album. The Renaissance is still one of my fave Hip Hop albums of the last decade.
  18. I missed a lot of NBA this season, which is a shame. Not enough time to keep up with Soccer, WWE, my youtube subs and NBA full on. Shame.
  19. Brakes i'd somehow get over to the U.S if it was a guaranteed pre-planned show
  20. I've ever really been a vinyl collector. I picked up both of Jeff'sMagnificent EP's that came out, and i own a 2 Too Many 12" single with some Jeff remixes on and a comp calle WORD2 with New Kids on The Block on. But for my birthday my girlfriend surprised me with the first three albums on Vinyl. Very cool to own a physical copy of something with the original GANBT on and a the original cover for Rock the House. He's The DJ.. is awesome cos a few of the later tracks are extended versions. But annoyingly (Due to length on a vinyl) And In This corner doesn't include The Girlie had a moustache or my fave from the album, Jeff was on the beatbox. Still pretty awesome to have them i guess though.
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