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  1. And after dropping after He's The DJ... People expected so much.
  2. Yeh O.P.P is a great partay song but i don't see how it won a summer song competition when its up against JJFP's effort. What a crazy world we live in :dunno:
  3. [quote=WildWildWillennium,Sep 6 2004, 10:51 AM]DJ Jazzy Jeff and DJ Kevtastic maybe? [/quote] If only, but my DJ-ing skills are on a totally different level, and i use just CD's for one.
  4. Thats true AJ, and the fact that Will varies his style makes each track more unique and more special.
  5. He's voicing his opinion, and i guess just wouldn't do the same things as Will if he got that big. I think Will does a lot of Charity work tho, maybe for even less fortunate places than his old neighbourhood
  6. :ditto: Brand New Funk & Summertime were always my fave songs of JJFP Greatest hits when i got it back in 1998,
  7. Well isn't the version you a refering to the 1988 Extended Mix? Cos the original Rock The House had the original on but then got released with the 1988 version on, which was probably recorded after the He's The DJ tracks or at the same time.
  8. Mendeed - From Shadows Comes Darkness Actually Prince this band are from Dunbarton. www.mendeed.co.uk Pretty full on stuff but you mite like them. Also listening to Outkast - The Love Below, that album never gets old.
  9. Im sure Jeff will be back there again. He seems to love the UK (which i can't complain about) Hopefully he'll play Nottingham/Derby/Leicester/Northampton. Somewhere where i could get too easily, i don't drive you see.
  10. Well im sure if he came anywhere in Scotland you'd make sure you could make it.
  11. Yeh, so pretty much your average family film. Which means its target audience is huge.
  12. :dunno: Where do they come up with this stuff
  13. Indeed, none of us hate any tracks (Well Jim mite use that word to describe some tracks but we know he doesn't mean it). Its just some are a whole lot better than others.
  14. Happy Birthday Thats is you ever come to the board at all and read this. :violin:
  15. Darn London again, plus thats the night I DJ anyway A choice between DJ KevTastic & DJ JazzyJeff We'll see where the people go :roll:
  16. I'm losing the plot here. I was angry at LambertJ for some stuff he said (that i may have taken out of context) So pretty much it was an argument between me and him.
  17. Yeh seeing as its got that similar look to Finding Nemo means it won't be an instant classic, but it does look funny and i will go see it. Not usually a family film type of guy but this does lok pretty cool.
  18. I hear the faint screams of Da Brakes as he's lowered into the Mersey River buy a cackling Kimme whilst Julie dictates orders to her
  19. Yeh it can be abit crazy at times but it does grow on you nicely. Well it did for me. I bought 3 JJFP albums in one go at a store back in 1999 so i had to give myself abit of time to listen to them all properly and get into them.
  20. Cheers for the support, maybe i did read his things wrong but i was just getting so annoyed with what he was saying and how it came across to me. Maybe we'll have Gay-Unit I mean G-unit playing at Reading 2005. That'll be worth the wait.
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