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  1. Wow, tough call. Both were good, but I went for Ace after lots of thinking. Its possible that Luigie had some better punchlines, but Da Ace flow kinda made me sway. Tough call though.
  2. No dont delete whole sections because someone changed them. You know that you can change back to earlier versions right?
  3. I think he tried to say that he has sold more albums than Will.
  4. TOP 10 REASONS FOR BEING NORWEGIAN : 1. You get to pay the highest taxes in the world.
  5. No, that meant he was much better than me. Put the poll up if you want to.
  6. Actually I think they already know. Talking about politics and movies, did anyone else the documentary by Emilio Pacull? Every time a war movie is being made in the USA, they send the script to Pentagon who decides if they want to give the movie economical support, sometimes with pure money, sometimes by lending out expensive machines to the movie makers. Pentagon says no to support movies like Apocalypse Now, where a officer shoots another officer. The Thin Red Line was of course also rejected at once, while Black Hawk Down, a really really bad movie filled with racism (everyone in the movie who is not an american are portrayed like evil idiots), got lots of money because it was "realistic"... I love the modern America, reminds me a lot about Soviet.
  7. Yeah a little topic about the climate changes would perhaps fit well today. Not because its that hot today, but because some kind of UN report has been released on the subject. If you dont know what im talking about then I have a quote that sums it up pretty good: "The contents of the IPCC report have been an open secret since the Bush administration posted its draft copy on the internet in April. It says there is a 90% chance that human activity is warming the planet, and that global average temperatures will rise by another 1.5 to 5.8C this century, depending on emissions." The big problem in the climate question is the big country country in the Northwest that wouldnt sign the Kyoto Protocol because it would hurt their economy. The big country who is gonna kill us all someday. The big country who only cares about their on wealth, ignores the UN and definetily doesnt care about the world, the people or about anything else than their own wallet. Luckily, some of the people leading the country into that direction will soon be gone. But first it is interesting to see their methods. From The Guardian: "Scientists and economists have been offered $10,000 each by a lobby group funded by one of the world's largest oil companies to undermine a major climate change report due to be published today. Letters sent by the American Enterprise Institute (AEI), an ExxonMobil-funded thinktank with close links to the Bush administration, offered the payments for articles that emphasise the shortcomings of a report from the UN's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). Travel expenses and additional payments were also offered. The UN report was written by international experts and is widely regarded as the most comprehensive review yet of climate change science. It will underpin international negotiations on new emissions targets to succeed the Kyoto agreement, the first phase of which expires in 2012. World governments were given a draft last year and invited to comment. The AEI has received more than $1.6m from ExxonMobil and more than 20 of its staff have worked as consultants to the Bush administration. Lee Raymond, a former head of ExxonMobil, is the vice-chairman of AEI's board of trustees. The letters, sent to scientists in Britain, the US and elsewhere, attack the UN's panel as "resistant to reasonable criticism and dissent and prone to summary conclusions that are poorly supported by the analytical work" and ask for essays that "thoughtfully explore the limitations of climate model outputs"."
  8. Cant agree with that. He overplayed a lot, but he had the hardest character so I guess its hard to be hard on him. Edit: Of course I meant overall in the show. His performance in that particular episode was good.
  9. http://www.gamingeye.com/temp/personal/ler...lerkotverse.mp3 My mom said Simon you need a hammock before you die And I havent got one yet so I guess its not my time Instead, Da Ace will be strangeled in his golden hammock He had his turn, reached his goals, now leave the block! Its time for some action, im gonna get satisfaction, Like you was a kid and I was Michael Jackson And you can live at Neverland, but I'll never land Im in the sky, im filled with power, I smell like flower But you boy, you gotta take a shower What are you here for? Promoting your stuff? Your stuff is wack! Those who say else are just a bluff You better get out of here quickly, or I'll rip your head of like I was worse than jack the ripper
  10. "I gotta say that we all live in the same world. Some of us are happy, positive, and well aware of what's going on around them. Some people are critical, negative, and mistake their own depressing views on life as realistic." And some people are positive when there is a reason to be positive and negative when there is a reason to be negative.
  11. Want me to start living in a fiction world? I cant. And it would break the forum guidelines, "5. Do not pretend to be anyone that you are not". And like Jonny said two months ago, "nah, Lerk just offers the other side of the story, which is often funny and makes the board more interesting. maybe he's just being a realist cos from what we've heard today doesn't look like there's any more music in the pipeline.". Plus, I am sometimes more positive than anyone else on the board. Like in the "2 MEN SAVE TODDLER"-topic and the PoH-predictions topic. Sure, I listen to positive music and I think that I have quite a positive view on life, but when someone glorifies something that suck, just because there are red and yellow flowers in it, of course I am going to give you my side of it, thats why we got forums, to discuss things. Same thing if someone say something stupid, Im not gonna agree just because its positive. Actually, to be honest, I think that many of the people in this forum arent positive, they just choose to overlook problems. In real life, being positive might help you and your closest but it is also likely to make it much harder for the souls who try to bring up problems and do something about them.
  12. That picture is pretty amazing actually. What kind of camera is it?
  13. Man, are you guys deaf or something? He has said it very loud and clear a two times the last weeks. We even got a video from when he said "that may be in the past" (which he said in a way that sounded the same as "me? rap? no way". I wont say nothin till he retires, not rumors, not "that may be int he past", i want facts To me it is facts until he releases music again. "That may be in the past" might look okey when you read it, it can give you some hope. But when you hear it, its totally different. But sure you guys can keep live in your little dream world as usual and ill stay in my realistic one..
  14. Tell Washieka that it was because he couldnt prounance washieka. Or just use was Bart said.
  15. Is it you Renagade? Seriously man, no. Its not gonna happen. You cant be serious.
  16. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vI3VnIEQ3dw Mad breaking skills.
  17. Well... Nas whole career is a tribute to KRS-One and his view of hiphop. Not that strange that he gets some love back as well.
  18. Yeah.. but its not the same thing at all actually. Sure, it is a problem that no one does anything when people get raped or killed in the streets but a baby falling out of a window, thats a totally different thing since there is no real danger in it.
  19. Give it time. Im sure its good for Romania and maybe ten other countries.
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