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  1. I dont feel like some kind of rebel and I dont try to be like one either. Everything got its dark, grey and light sides and I always try to see them all. I do get in a lot of conflicts because I have very Scandinavian opinions about things but I cant lie to make people agree with me. This doesnt make my day - I actually dont care about it really, but its interesting to hear an honest opinion for once. The religion quote is definitely provoking though, just like AJs. Actually, his quote is the entire reason why I wrote that in my signature. He had some success with his provoking (spell?) quote and thats i congratulate him for. Theres one more reason though. I felt it was a very stupid quote so I wanted to counter it with some wisedom. I didnt attack AJ because he dont know what Wikipedia is. In fact, I didnt really attack him at all as I see. But sure, I could have avoided writing that but.. hey.. he begged for it, again by provoking with his "I know it all"-kind of quote. And no I'm not small in every sense of the word. You should see my stommach. It eats people.
  2. Knowledge is far more important, but imagination is very important as well. You cant do **** without knowledge but you can do alot without imagination. To reach the real heights though, you gotta have both.
  3. I guess u don't need 2 know about and online encyclopedia when u already know everything. :1-say-yes: None of my friends use it...i've never heard of it until now. Good attitude. Will take you far.
  4. Its probably the biggest website in the world except for Google and maybe Hotmail or so.. common knowledge again AJ :)
  5. Lerkot


    And what the hell is NAACP?
  6. Yeah. I thought everybody knew that. EVERYBODY!!!!
  7. I didnt see any review thread so I decided to make one, even though its probably a little late. Anyway, the movie has its premiere today and the Swedish papers has reviewed it. Aftonbladet: 4/5 "It was a long time ago Will Smith was the Fresh Prince. With age he has grown up and in the apparent Oscar flirt "the Pursuit of Happyness" - which is based on a true story - he gets to use his most serious register". "The Pursuit of Happyness" wants a lot. And in its strife to touch your feelings it has got something little, little creamy in it. But the powerful thing is that you buy it. Because this is the ultimate story about the American dream. And it goes straight into the heart. Maybe because its a little, little creamy". Expressen 2/5 "The Pursuit of Happyness", which is based on a real story starting in 1981, is tear draping, creamy and ingratiating. The dirty things never get really dirty. Life is fine after all. Even when you live it on the shadow side. Money is also nice. Especially if you got much. And you want much." "Left on the streets wandering around, the other homeless people who he no longer has to fight against for a bed. It is a part of the capitalism. Gardner counts his money and doesnt seem to care about the people on the street any longer. Will Smith? Oh yes. He got his charm, humour and a soul that feels real, in a movie that doesnt." Dagens Nyheter 3/5 "This should be an easy movie to understand. A daddy alone with his son meets big troubles and much poorness, never stops dreaming and finally reaches the top. A feelgood-tribute to the American dream. But this creamy big studio production manages to tell us more about poorness than many socially concious (spelling?) stories." "The Italian director Gabriel Muccino has told the producers that only an European could truly understand the American dream. He may be right. This movie focuses on the dreaming and the fight, not the happiness itself. " "The more he fights, the lower he gets. Because in the USA there are no margins. The lack of dollars and sometimes cents makes him fall on the the last step over and over again, and he needs to start over on a lower point. It does not feel good. It is painful to see, actually. The writer and the director uses all the sides of the poorness with dramaturgical brillians, while Will Smith's moderate acting and soft movements makes the energies and the sentimentaly rate high until the excitement almost gets unbearable." "The victory, the success, is reduced to a minimum. It is just the start of a relief. Before it has really sunk in that the hell is over. It is a strange, anachronic 30's movie put into Reagans eighties, with roots in a poor European past. Probably a little too real for the Americans and a little too capitalistic for the Europeans, but the energy it creates is impressiv." Svenska Dagbladet 3/5 "When the end credits starts you have a tiny feeling that you have been exposed to some kind of propaganda. But sure, this is a real crier and you is drawn with it. Will Smith is good, and Chris junior is played by his own son. The nice chemistry between them infects the whole movie (in a good way)."
  8. Who decides whats skill and whats not skill? In my opinion.. GMF&F5 are much more skilled than the Wu-Tang Clan. If you talk about complexity in rhyme schemes etc then sure you are right, but that definitely wouldnt be a fair comparison. But not all would agree that rhyme scheme = skill. Personally, when I talk about the best rap group ever, I talk about who changed the rap game the most, who was the most original and who had the best lyrics and the best sway. You have to compare the groups with other groups of the same time and see who stands out the most. And actually... I think GMF&F5 had better beats than Wu-Tang Clan. And I think they had better flow in many tracks, for example in Superrappin. Better lyrics as well, not more complex, but better. And Melle Mel had something none of the people in Wu-Tang has: a powerful, energetic voice and the ability to articulate so that you could actually hear what he was saying all the time. But.. the point is, skill is a matter of taste.
  9. Not many of those groups would fit on my top ten.
  10. I think Willennium is only 3x platinum and BWS only 9x, and thats why they got it to twelve. They should know.
  11. No, thats the total sales in USA. And no, BWS is not one of the best selling albums ever, even though it sold well, especially considering that it is rap.
  12. Personally I find the Grammys even more uninteresting.
  13. Personally, I dont like him as a person and not really his music either, but at least he was an pretty honest man and I like that. And technically, he is one of the greatest - no doubt in my opinion.
  14. The Oscars are boring and pretty uninteresting since they often pick the oldest dudes so that they will have an Oscar to play with before they die. The award that Martin Scorsese got for example... The Departed is an okey movie but it wasnt any of his best works.
  15. Yeah... and the grey thing... thats just the way it is.
  16. No problem with self-confidence there... Let those ladies hunt bad guys. You dont want such a girl anyway.
  17. Agreed. Enough is enough.
  18. Hmm.. maybe I should see him in Stockholm.. or perhaps Rotterdam is a little closer..
  19. Yeah... I can see where youre coming from. I dont like cussing. I wouldnt by an edited version of any CD though, since the censoring really makes a lot of tracks sound **** bad.
  20. AJ! people here are being negative! Save me!
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