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  1. LMAO did he forget to change out of his PJ bottoms this morning.
  2. Alfonso went out last night in 7th place. Overall i enjoyed him being in there. Basically he told everyone he was in there for the money and he wanted to leave asap to see his family. The first 2 weeks the public vote for the celebs to do a trial, the last week the celebs get voted out. He was in the bottom 2 pretty much every night and he hung in there by a thread. I didnt want him to leave because i wanted to see him in the show, i especially wanted him in at the end because a lot of fun stuff happens at the end. But it wasnt to be. Earlier this week he got a bit boring and depressed, but his mate David Emanuel (Princess Di's dress designer, yep we get top notch celebs in there lol) told him to lighten up and do the carlton dance. After that he became entertaining again and did a trial with Kian from westlife who is his other mate. Anyway he did pretty well, it was fun to watch him in a real life situation and he said it was much much harder than he expected. Here are his highlights. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rOp_B-6cYKw
  3. Yes! This is starting to become my favourite thread on this site, so many topless photos. :)
  4. Ive found some bits for you guys. Alfonso sky diving. If you have a lot of spare time here are some full episodes. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VG7h09Nn96k http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ETpRxOfrjls&feature=c4-overview-vl&list=PL4tZS46huYYm9_WvD_TgPZ7JZalb6AW2v http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yAuS7-O-J64&feature=c4-overview-vl&list=PL4tZS46huYYm9_WvD_TgPZ7JZalb6AW2v http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=52o9ui-K3ds&list=PL4tZS46huYYm9_WvD_TgPZ7JZalb6AW2v http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bn3MLmwPUsM&list=PL4tZS46huYYm9_WvD_TgPZ7JZalb6AW2v http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V3MF_xCYqHE&list=PL4tZS46huYYm9_WvD_TgPZ7JZalb6AW2v
  5. Alfonso has been pretty quiet since the first few days, its not because hes a quiet person, its just he hasnt had the opportunity to shine as this reality tv star, Joey Essex has been doing most of the trials. However today, Alfonso got to help Joey do a live trial. It was pretty funny because all over twitter people are desperate for him to do the Carlton dance. Ant and Dec (legendary presenters) asked him to do it but he said he was saving it until he came out, but he did do a bit of jump on it.
  6. How the hell did he do that? I love David Blane, i just can't work out his tricks. Love how Will hid behind poor Jada.
  7. Yeah its always in Australia, i couldn't tell you where abouts though. There may be some stuff on youtube of it, a lot of people say its rubbish, but its worth a watch. Especially just to see Alfonso.
  8. Alfonso's adventure 19:57 - 18 Nov 2013 18th Nov 2013 Well this is a story all 'bout how Alfonso's life got flipped turned upside down... Let's chart Alfonso's journey on his first day on a show he's barely watched before Probably not expecting this.. Or to be hunting for campmates... Still, a nice lie down helped Alfonso relax into jungle life Yes, Alfonso, this really IS going to be your next three weeks in the jungle. Cheer up Carlt-sorry, Alfonso. There's always the Australian weather. 17th Nov 2013 Alfonso has barely seen an episode of I'm A Celebrity... and after thirteen series we more than welcome a fresh pair of eyes. What discoveries will he make? What revelations await the man formerly known as Carlton Banks? This is our journal of his jungle discoveries... enjoy! http://www.itv.com/imacelebrity/jungle-spy/alfonsos-adventure-jungle-diary
  9. Why is Jaden wearing odd shoes, is this the fashion these days. Im getting too old.
  10. OMG i told you this show was hardcore. He listed being claustrophobic and scared of bugs being his fears, so they made him do both at the same time. In the past if a person shows weakness and is really entertaining on a bush tuckers trial, they get voted to do it pretty much everyday. Us British are cruel like that, Alfonso could have a bumpy ride.
  11. I doubt Willow will be in this, she quit Annie because she doesnt want to do movies right now. Its not something that i want but its not gonna be the end of his career, its something for the kids, this kinda stuff gets load of ticket sales. Just coz we dont like it, doesnt mean no-one else will.
  12. I'm sure i'll get judged but i don't care, i am so excited! I love this show and a lot of people are pretty excited about him going on. They were playing the FPOBA theme on radio 1 before. Shame the rest of the celebs are rubbish.
  13. I don't know if they have a similar show in America/Australia but its basically dumping celebs in the jungle for 3 weeks, kinda big brother style and making them do crazy tasks like put their hands in with spiders for food. Its hard work, the celebs go hungry, have to sleep in the jungle and usually argue a lot. Sometimes these newspapers get it wrong and i was surpised to see his name on the list with having a newborn, but the papers are usually right so there is a good chance he will be on this. I'm super excited if he is on this, he seems like a good guy and everyone loves him, he has good chance of winning it i reckon.
  14. Fresh Prince of Bel-Air star Alfonso Ribeiro is the latest celebrity tipped to be taking part in this year'sI'm a Celebrity. Ribeiro, who famously played Carlton in the '90s sitcom, will be heading to Australia for the ITV reality show later this week, reports The Sun. The actor became a father for the second time last month. His most recent TV work in the US was as the host of game show Spell-Mageddon. Other celebrities expected to be in the jungle this year include TOWIE's Joey Essex, Westlife's Kian Egan, snooker legend Steve Davis and fashion designer David Emanuel. I'm a Celebrity's 13th series starts on Sunday, November 17 on ITV. Watch Alfonso Ribeiro performing the classic 'Carlton dance': http://www.digitalspy.co.uk/tv/s100/im-a-celebrity-uk/news/a530296/fresh-prince-of-bel-air-carlton-star-alfonso-ribeiro-for-im-a-celeb.html
  15. lol is that Wills actual shirt or is it for the role. Talk about a major v neck. Looks like hes about to rip it open MJ style.
  16. I have to admit i have not been paying any attention to this at all. Its not my kind of movie, nothing blows up and there are no aliens in it lol. Ive just gone on imdb and Will is listed as a judge. He's probably in it for 5 minutes. I doubt i'll go the cinema to see this.
  17. Yeah. At first I thought the pics looked photoshopped but now when I look at it, it does look like normal Will acting silly. He does flirt a bit, I've seen him messing round during interviews and flirting. If exposing his nipple and hugging a women from behind is the worst he's done then I doubt Jada is gonna be mad. I'm sure there is nothing to these rumours but I will never say never. I'd be really shocked if they did split though. Also a 23 year old woman!!! She's only a few years older than Trey. That's just wrong.
  18. Those pics looked photoshopped to me. I admit this is such a loser thing to say but that pic of Will licking that chicks hand (who does that anyway) looks like the photos of when Will was messing round with Jada on the red carpet once. I think i recognize it haha. They need to leave this story alone, its been over a year now.
  19. lol we have all turned into depressed JJFP fans. Im with you guys, i wish it was something new. But its better than nothing, it just gives that flicker of hope that he hasn't completely forgotten that hes a rapper.
  20. I would actually say i would prefer a concert other than another album (but yeah both would be nice). I have 9 albums, but i have never seen Will live. If we had enough time to plan i would travel far too see it too. If Will and Jeff do a one off concert in Spain, im there haha.
  21. I saw this all over twitter, its sounds great. I've tried to do a search of my tv listings and its not on yet! I'll be so mad if i cant see it (or i'll just watch it illegally online). TLC don't seem as big over here. In the mean time i need to get my hands on that album!
  22. The first time i saw Jeff i dragged my friend, she has a couple Will Smith albums but isnt really into hip hop. Its not as fun when you take someone like that, its so much better when i see a show with these guys. We are all geeks together haha. Your pics look great, glad you had a good time.
  23. With Will who knows. I was optimistic for years after Lost and Found, then when everytime someone asked him about music he would dismiss it and say he was done, i lost all hope then. But the past year i think there still may be a chance. I don't even think Will knows if hes going to make a new album. What he says is different from what he does. He was saying he was gonna do 5 years of action movies then he was too old and he was going to concentrate on drama etc, but that didnt happen, im sure its been more than 5 years and hes still doing action. Then when he said he was gonna take 6 months off, that turned into a few years! I think Will plans things but really he just does whatever gets him at the time. To make a new album he needs to be inspired. If hes not feeling it and he comes up with rubbish, hes not going to release it. Trouble is, we need some decent music to get Will inspired like the Fugees did, but i cant see any decent rappers out there right now.
  24. Isn't this the trailer he parked in the middle of New York and annoyed everyone. I wouldn't say no to a trailer like that, fair play to him.
  25. Dammit, he's got clothes on.
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