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  1. I will not be wearing a hat. I'll already stick out like a sore thumb hanging out at a hip hop club in Brixton, i do not need to try and pull off a hat as well.
  2. Yeah im staying at the Euro hotel and Kev and his mates are at the Euro Lodge, they are on the same road and look pretty similar, dunno if they are managed by the same company. They are both between £40 - £50 for a single room. I booked through laterooms.com. It was a reduced price because of booking so late. Hopefully they will have a few rooms left.
  3. Im gonna ask i predictable question but ive needed to know more about this for years. Is it true you and Will recorded a track with Michael Jackson for his invincible album? If so, was there any particular reason why it didnt make the cut? I know Jeff loves Mike, so it may give us some interesting stories. Then i harass Jeff until he gives us a secret copy of the track, just dont let the MJ estate know.
  4. 2am finish is early, last time we saw Jeff he was just starting then. Dunno if our hotel is within walking distance but im not sure we want to walk through Brixton lol, im sure a taxi will be really cheap.
  5. Ok so heres my plan. So my dog had emergency eye surgery last week and hes having major after care which is constant eye drops etc. Luckily hes been the vet today and hes doing well, so even though i have always been planning on going still, it was still kinda up in the air. Because hes doing well ive asked my dad nicely to do his medication for him sunday night and monday morning. Which means its not really a full 2 day thing for me, im planning on getting to London at about 7pm ish sunday, then leaving about 10am the next day so i can get back home for lunchtime for the dogs meds. So its great that i can go, but i wont have much time to hang round apart from the show, it also means im gonna get like 2 hours sleep, but whatever im not 30 yet :S
  6. No way! I booked mine yesterday, its euro hotel in Clapham, which i think is on the same road but a different hotel, got a really good late deal too. I nearly booked the euro lodge too, damn it. Ah well at least we can walk each other home/get a taxi at 5am. edit: Just looking i think it is actually the same hotel, awesome and freaky!
  7. Yeah probably early to late afternoon, i'll be going home late morning Monday. I would stay longer to hang out but as i said on fb, i have a post surgery dog to look after. I swear everytime Jeff plays something happens to try and stop me going, im cursed!
  8. On the website under Wills name it says "A heartpounding surprise and a special performance." Does it mean Will performing or Willow? I got the impression they are on separate days.
  9. Are we still going to the one on the 6th? I have the next day booked off, i can potentially change it if anyone needs to go on the other day. Im so excited, cant believe we've got Tim with us this time.
  10. There needs to be more women on here lol.
  11. haha sorry i'll try to be a better perv in future. And thanks Ale, you keep posting pics like that and i'll be a happy woman.
  12. Holy crap your gonna have to warn me before you put pics up like that. Few!!!! I cannot wait for this film now.
  13. Funny this has just been brought up. I saw Cirque Du Solei's MJ One in Vegas a week ago, it had a Michael Jackson hologram in it. It was awesome, probably the best part of the whole show, however it wasnt actual MJ, it was a look a like. I heard the company that made the 2pac hologram spent so much money on it they went bust., so its not really possible to do a proper hologram again at this time. Its ok now and again but i agree the novelty will wear off.
  14. Im up for London. Gonna start booking some stuff soon.
  15. I saw this news and couldnt help but remember we heard that Will recorded a track with Michael for his invincible album. Im probably clutching at straws here but there may be a tiny chance this comes out. R & B producer Fred Jerkins III plans to release new Michael Jackson songs Michael Jackson collaborator Fred Jerkins III revealed that he plans to issue fresh material from the megastar while visiting Midland music students. The influential R & B producer Fred Jerkins III, who worked with the troubled pop performer on his final 2001 album Invincible, led a masterclass at Access to Music in Digbeth on Thursday. The co-writer of hits like You Rock My World, Jerkins made a big impression as he was whisked in to the specialist pop and rock college in Heath Mill Lane to answer questions from youngsters who are hoping to make their way in the music business. And he said that he has plans to issue some unpublished material by tragic Jackson, who died four years ago aged 50. “We have a number of unreleased songs and all sorts of video footage,” he said. “There’s a project in the making right now that will include all those songs.” Jerkins also sought to dispel the ‘Wacko Jacko’ stereotype saying that Jackson was a charming gentleman. “I worked with him for two years exclusively – it’s the biggest highlight of my career,” said Jerkins, who works with his brother Rodney under the name Darkchild. “He came to our studios in Pleasantville, New Jersey [the city where Jerkins grew up] and we built a really strong relationship and became really good friends. “I remember him, just for fun, riding on a three-wheel bike in the parking lot that belonged to someone with disabilities. “He was really relaxed. It’s things like that that you wouldn’t expect from Michael Jackson. “We were comfortable with him as a family and my son had his fifth birthday at Neverland.” Darkchild has also masterminded tracks for Beyonce, the Spice Girls, Will Smith and Lionel Richie. Jerkins also recalled ‘hanging out’ with Whitney Houston, for whom he co-wrote tracks such as It’s Not Right (But It’s Okay). “She’s been to our church singing,” he said of the vocal legend’s gospel roots, which included a stint at his pastor father Fred’s Evangelical Fellowship Church in Pleasantville. “It’s very difficult when you see people like Michael and Whitney passing on because we had a close relationship with both of them.” Fred, who is about to work on tracks for Usher and Rihanna, advised students to spend time honing their skills rather than expecting the kind of instant, but fleeting, chart domination enjoyed by winners of TV talent shows like The X Factor. “An event like this is to inspire and educate people, and let them know what they can do,” he said. “A lot of people pursue music and expect success to come real fast, but you have to stay at it. Winners of these talent shows need to sell records and to continue to sell for lots of years, after gaining that sort of platform in the first place. “I come from an area where there was no music scene – it wasn’t like living in New York or Los Angeles,” said Jerkins, who plays piano, drums, bass and trumpet. “When we broke into the music business it was just us. “But so many people have broken in from there following in our footsteps, and told us ‘if it wasn’t for you guys, we wouldn’t have thought of making it’.” Toby Smith, director of education at the college said: “This is marvellous to have such a big name in the music industry come to this region and support the music industry locally.” http://www.birminghammail.co.uk/whats-on/music/producer-ill-release-new-michael-5695123
  16. Gil Smith is an improvement on Gillie Da Kid but still if he wants to make it he should make it on his own not imitate peoples names and careers.
  17. Will and Jeff have been hanging around a lot lately, what are they up to?
  18. You guys were awesome, you look so comfortable talking. I love how it says "Brakes -fan-" haha.
  19. lol i saw this ages ago, i had forgotten all about it though. ET was a bit random!
  20. lol Jeff is crazy, i dont know how he does it, and he stays up until God knows when in the morning. Its official ive booked the Monday off work, so im 100% there.
  21. Cool the London show is a sunday, i'll try and book the Monday off work if everyone is up for this.
  22. Congratulations! Its so crazy that we have all grown up together, a lot of us were still in school/college when we first spoke.
  23. Excellent! I missed the opportunity to see Jeff while you were here last time. I'll def come down so we can have the ultimate JJFP night.
  24. Love it! Its been a while since you've come out with something new. Caleb is so cute, hes a proper little actor.
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