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  1. That was awesome!!! Hes still got it, this is the most "music" we have heard from him since 2005, im loving it.
  2. Im so excited for this, i wonder what they are going to perform. This must be what Jeff was hinting at, far from dissapointing!
  3. Me and Kev are on skype, you'd better turn up im missing Britains got talent for this.
  4. Hmm from what ive read i think i'll probably like the movie but it will be far from one of my favourites. Ive been concerned for months that Will isnt in it much, i'll support Wills kids but at the end of the day i'm going to see the movie because of Will not Jaden. I think critics are always too harsh on Wills films and im sure a lot of it is a hatred for him pushing his kids, but yeah it doesnt sound like one of his strongest movies. Im just hoping he does another project not involving his kids sometime on the near future.
  5. I saw that, i wonder if its a performance like the I,Robot one. Is there a livestream of this anywhere? Im sure there was one for MIB3.
  6. Thats a bit harsh isnt it. He does say stuff like that a lot but to be fair people ask him about that stuff a lot, and im pretty interested in it because he knows what hes talking about when it comes to success. Ive heard him be silly in interviews plenty of times, it just depends on whos interviewing him and what questions they ask. They are gonna ask him questions about his son because the whole movie is centered around the relationship.
  7. Ha not that much, its been a lot quieter round here these days, its only been the past week or so things have been getting exciting.
  8. Yeah i was actually just watching videos now and realized its been put back. I think originally it was out this friday. Damn another week to go.
  9. More recently ive noticed people are trying to relive the 90's, there has been a tour of old cheesy 90's pop bands in the UK, they are constantly remaking 80's/90's films, always talking about friends reunions. People love this kind of thing, anything they loved when they were younger they want to experience it again as an adult. I agree they need to get on this now and people will be all for it, not just us guys on here.
  10. If your going to do badly at football, don't do it in England, poor Will the whole crowd laughed at him.
  11. Yeah i can do it, don't think im free Tuesday, and im planning on seeing After Earth on Friday, so i'll be in late then. But any other time im free.
  12. I know he commented on Kev's status without being prompted to or having his name quoted. Its so nice of him to always have time for us.
  13. Great! Its got to beat the 4 Million he got last time, i think that was his aim. I didn't make them though, just found them, they had me laughing so much i had to share.
  14. Hey Willreign, how've you been. You've come back at a good time.
  15. This is amazing, Switch is at number 57 or something, in the top 300 itunes chart there is, Summertime, Jiggy, Miami, FPOBA theme and Apache. The higher these chart the more it will push them to do something more.
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