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  1. Oh man people really are going crazy for this. It was all over my facebook and im not just talking about you guys, all my friends have been posting the video, Fresh prince, Will Smith, Carlton and Graham Norton were all trending on twitter and Graham Norton was still trending this morning. This really is the best thing ive seen in ages, Will is a smart man he knows people still love the Fresh Prince, i bet that performances sells a few more tickets for After Earth! Even if Will doesnt do music again, i think he will always treat us to little things like this.
  2. Yeah i think he has said in the past how much he enjoys promoting his movies, i think he almost likes it more than making the movie.
  3. WOAH! Jeff, Alfonso and Will is the same room, i cannot wait to see this, sounds amazing!
  4. I'm dying inside knowing this is going on just miles away from me.
  5. Damn it!!! If only we would of had a bit of notice i would so be down there. Lets just hope we get some footage and you never know they may get together for recording? We can live in hope.
  6. Actually around the seven pounds time he was saying hes not doing music anymore point blank. Im just glad hes not saying that anymore.
  7. If he doesnt do London im sure i can make Sheffield or Leeds, they are a shorter distance for me anyway haha.
  8. Ive never been so excited about the word maybe before.
  9. "Yay has been pushing me to do something" I dont care what anybody says about Kayne, he may act like an ass sometimes but i officially love him now. We have gone from no music to maybe, this is great. But yeah Will never likes to say too much about music, he could have a whole new album wrapped up and he wouldnt say anything.
  10. I love Ellen! You can see Will and Jaden try not to laugh during that scene.
  11. YES! The Graham Norton show was the one where Will rapped FPOBA while Gary Barlow played keyboard. Its gonna be a good one.
  12. Yeah i admit it, i run that website, its my WWW appreciation website, theres me and 2 other members.
  13. hahaha how old does that look now. I had a nice scroll thought the pictures, made my day.
  14. Will obviously hasnt forgotten how well MIB3 did overseas thanks to all the promotion they did. I love that they are going to places like Korea, i bet not many hollywood stars do that.
  15. LMAO! Im a music whore, i dont care who its with anymore, just give me the music. To be honest i think hes just messing around here, hes not serious. Not gonna lie i do kinda like psy, its silly and fun unlike most music these days.
  16. lmao! That song does not go with that film at all. Thanx for all the videos, i need an afternoon free to seriously catch up on them all.
  17. Im pretty pleased with this news, MIB3 was better than MIB2 IMO so you never know how good 4 could be. Like AJ said there are so many possibilities. They had better hurry up though, they shouldnt wait another 10 years, Will is getting older and im not sure he can chase aliens in his 50's, or can he?
  18. Glad to see shes doing something productive with all her free time.
  19. Theres is a fake twitter account which has thousands of subscribers (even tho it actually says it isnt him), This person makes up a bunch of cheesy quotes and they float around the internet that Will said them. Wills real quotes are far better. I'll have a think of some, im sure we can find some good running and reading ones.
  20. Cool i noticed all the posts on facebook recently. It might bring more fans to the forum too.
  21. Thanks i'll watch it 2moro, i kept seeing all over facebook but i was stuck in work when it was on.
  22. Sorry i was shattered last night so i crashed. Firstly i love that i look like i photobombed that pic with skillz. I wasnt quite ready to get in place and in my defense it was like 4.30am. So i'll tell you our little story because i like to keep the memory for myself too. So we heard that Jeff was gonna be on 1-3am so we were all ready for a long night, we are all getting close to 30 now and cant handle these late nights lol. Brakes and Kev were popping painkillers in McDonalds beforehand for bad backs etc. So first we went in a little club next to Scala for a quick drink, we all got searched and the bouncer found Kevs heatpack for his bad back lol, he looked at it for quite a while but then it kinda did look like a small slab of cocaine. So we went to Scala at about 10.30pm, got searched again, how dodgy are these clubs? Luckily the guestlist was all sorted and we got in for free! Thanx Tim and Nicole, saved us £18 :) We had a look at the setlist and saw that Jeff wasnt on until 2am, are they trying to kill us. We wernt in the club long until Burnadette (am i right in saying she is Darnells ex?) and her boyfriend came , they were both lovely. So at first we saw the nextmen, they were ok but didnt have a patch on Jeff. But while they were on i fought my way closer to the front (it sucks being 5"1). We also saw Tims cousins, i cant remember his name but he had a ponytail and glasses, he was talking about how i met your Aunty Tim and he was amazed that i had travelled so far to see Jeff lol. So Jeff and Skillz came on just after 2am, skillz noticed Brakes and Kev straight away and shook Brakes hand over the crowd. The set was amazing, i liked it so much more than the last time i saw him. He even started out with the harlem shake and the crowd went mental and i got squished. Like Brakes i also loved his little "I wanna rock" bit, it was such a shame he only included a tiny bit because what i saw was amazing. Both skillz and Jeff know exactly how to work a crowd. So after the show i was thinking we wouldnt get to go backstage because Darnell wasnt there, but Skillz came over and told us to come up the stairs. So i started to move and Skillz said "No just you two" just as my face dropped he suddenly realized and said "oh is she with you". So i got in there lol, to be fair ive only met them once a year ago, i dont expect them to remember me. So "backstage" was just at the side of the stage and Jeff recognized the guys straight away. I then got a hug from Jeff :) He didnt stay about for too long but it was past 4am and it was his third show of the night. Skillz stayed about for a while and chatted for a bit. We eventually left the club past 4.30am, tired was not the word. I had a great night though, nice to see the guys again and Jeff was amazing as usual. Heres my pic of me and Jeff.
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