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  1. Please don't let this be another track we will never get to hear. Im still desperate to hear the song Will did with MJ, i'm sure its out there somewhere!
  2. Well said! I never listen to movie critics, i love what they hate and i hate what they love. Some geek behind his computer screen does not know what i want to see. This bad press been the main reason for its bad box office. It makes me mad that people have listened to them and helped it "fail". I hoped that word of mouth from people who went to see it would help it pick up, but even that hasnt helped it.
  3. lol yep ive managed to do a lot of my list, im still a vet nurse, i got my pet dog, been to NY and LA. Just need to get a family and finish off my travel now :S I actually made a new shadow dream recently, when im done with the vet nursing (when im too old to handle the physical side of it) i want to be an animal behaviourist. I always attend lectures by an animal behaviourist, im not done with the vet nursing yet so this is a good few years away.
  4. Yeah im willing to spend a lot of money for what is potentially one verse from Will. Im ok with Kanye, not a fan of his newer stuff so much but i liked "Paris" as its more politely known and i loved "All of the lights" so it could be good, you never know. Im just listening to Bound 2, sounds pretty good on a first listen, its a lot more like his older stuff.
  5. Im gonna be honest i didnt read the article properly, im kinda sick of the hating on Will because this is his first film that didnt open number 1 in America in God knows how many years. Not sure that counts as his career as broken. Its a blip if anything, i have no doubt hes gonna come back with another and get back to his position at number 1 again. Will chose to take a step back from movies for a few years, as a fan, it sucks, but he decided to take time with his family, its unfair of us to hate on that. I agree that he needs to step away from the kids careers a bit but he's till gonna encourage them to do their best because thats the kind of person he is. This is all just typical of what happens when someone becomes a huge star, they try to bring them back down, if i hear him get called a scientologist one more time i think im gonna go nuts, i wish Will would just come out and say hes not, instead of trying to come across as open to religion, its just easier for his career if he just says it plain and simple.
  6. Ok so i got a bit excited and looked up what Lei Aurea means, its law that abolished slavery in Brazil. They recorded it in Brazil so it seems Japan is onto something there.
  7. I'll take a featuring, that will do me for a while. Theres him testing the waters again.
  8. Non-Americans save the day. Your welcome Will! :)
  9. He can't win every single time, it must be hard to be expected to have a number 1 movie every time. I think this will be good for him though, it will push him bcoz i bet he hates to lose. Hes been a bit preoccupied with his kids careers the past few years. Maybe this will make him concentrate on his own a bit more. I feel so bad for him though bcoz its not a bad movie, it doesnt deserve to be labelled a flop. The critics have not helped at all with this and i cant help but think hes become so successful that people just want to bring him down now. He tried something different and unfourtunatly it didnt work.
  10. I would say about a 7. My score is probably higher than what a lot of you guys would rate it because this film is totally my thing, big budget, nature, weird creatures, cool technology. Im glad you enjoyed it Brakes, i was wondering if this was going to be another WWW thing.
  11. So ive just seen After Earth and im looking to see where to put this and i cant seem to see anyone else's comments about seeing this movie. Has anyone else actually gone to see this? haha. Maybe mild spoilers. OK so i was going in with low expectations after all these terrible reviews however i know from past experiences that critics like the complete opposite things to what i like. It took a little while to get into the movie, the accents are kinda weird, Jadens acting isnt awful but its not amazing either. At first the movie is just a bit odd, its not like your typical movie, there are all these weird gadgets, evolved animals, sometimes they mention something and your like, what the heck is that. But after a while its actually quite refreshing, some movies can be a bit samey. This was different. Will does get injured like 20 mins into the film and Jaden does all the action, its a bit dissapointing because i like to see Will out there doing his thing, but he also has some pretty cool speeches while hes sat there. I liked his fear speech, it was like something Will would actually say. As for his acting, he was kinda limited with his role. This isnt a typical Will Smith movie, He doesnt smile, he plays a very straight faced commander. I did miss his charisma, but also i think Will is trying to do something different. Im hoping this picks up and the reviews have put people off but word of mouth gets round that its ok. And most of all, you guys need to get of your asses and go and see it.
  12. I can do Scala again if everyone wants to go for that one, especially if Tim can make it. At least we know the area now, i can stay in that creeptastic hotel again.
  13. Yeah i saw the France bit at the bottom, i assumed maybe you moved to France or something lol.
  14. haha yeah this is perfect, although we've actually had about 3 sunny days in a row now, its like a new kind of record. I'll play this song next week when it goes rainy and cold again.
  15. Yeah we had a whole conversation on this site because i think it was Max that said every single person likes the song "One More Time" and i said i didnt because it was overplayed. Come on Brakes, im a week older than you and my memory is still ok, whats happened to yours.
  16. haha that whole interview was great, nice one Ale!
  17. Yeah these guys should listen to us more often lol.
  18. Its on the radio every time you turn it on haha. I get that they play 90% rubbish, but occasionally you get good stuff.
  19. Its too early to tell, remember when you all thought MIB3 was bombing, then it became his 3rd best ranking film. Im not gonna say this film is gonna do that, but i doubt it will get bad numbers, if Will is in it, people will see it.
  20. Nah its a song by daft punk that has been number 1 here for like a month lol. Where have u guys been? It is a good track tho.
  21. I def prefer Willow as singer to Jaden as a rapper. Although this is a bit mellow for my tastes, but shes got a lot of talent.
  22. Hes testing the waters here, its not an actual concert but it is a performance. Im betting hes seeing how excited people are getting before he decides to go anywhere with it.
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