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  1. Jesus Walks and Slow Jamz are also great tracks, amoung others.
  2. Right now, i'm listening to... nothing but in 1 min i'm gonna listen to code red :lolsign:
  3. I'm waiting for the Track with Kanye West. :rock:
  4. Well you need Quick time Player to view it.
  5. Thats great that they are already playing it. :dj:
  6. Man i really don't wanna express myself about this, I've seen a lot and i've seen nothing. let's just hope that justice will be made in which way ever.
  7. :ali: is that your firs post? you might as well shut up man, at least you could post something nice
  8. :werd: but i'm confident that they will release all the seasons. :bowdown:
  9. yeah man. check out at the bottom JJFP Two Zero Zero Five you'll find it there. stay active :rock:
  10. :lolsign: i know my opinion is not that important but it sound great. congrats
  11. well go out and register in every forum you may find. :lolsign: it might be a little bit of work and time but it's worth it.
  12. :lolsign: yeah that the truth. unfortunatly
  13. Just done it. its my signature everywhere
  14. I've got one. Its not much but it was made in a bit of a hurry in about 5 min. i'll work one some more with more time.
  15. im workin on gettin a version without cuts in the audio
  16. :lolsign: yeah, people will come and go...but not us lot!! Fantastic news Tim!! :werd:
  17. Yeah it would bee good if he would realease another single before the Album. It would catch even more the ppl attention. :clap:
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