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  1. Thanks for this! :dope: I especially love the following exchange... T.JONES: “What song did you have the best time making in the studio?” JEFF: “There is this song called ‘Then She Bit Me’ that probably was the most fun we ever had making a record because we literally wrote that song line for line. It was a stream of consciousness. It wasn’t supposed to make any sense. Line for line, someone would come up with something, and he’d walk in the booth and say that line and walk out. Then, we’d think of something else. We kept doing it. It’s pretty much the dumbest song that anyone has ever heard.” :lolsign: That's pretty much how I always pictured Then She Bit Me being made. I love it.
  2. Nothing to do with anything really hhaha, but Kanye name-drops Slick Rick on "Touch the Sky" as someone he used to listen to. :interesting:
  3. Legend or not, I love the 2 tracks I've downloaded from Kanye's new album. :switch: "Heard em Say" has a really smooth instrumental made with the guy from Maroon 5, and the rap's a pretty well done, thoughtful piece. And then there's "Touch the Sky," which I think is very comparable to Will's Big Willie Style stuff. A funk sample, rhymes about his road to success. And I really love the end of the track, when he starts chanting, "I'm, I'm sky high! I'm, I'm sky high!" :ithinkimkanye: Tim, is it possible to have that play whenever someone reads my posts? Because it needs to happen. And when I instant message someone on AOL, it'd be sweet if I could hook it up so it'd start playing there too. But enough of my deluded ramblings... I'm lookin foward to hearing the rest of Kanye's new material. :dope:
  4. I saw them in concert once. The best part about it was that they had one guy, in a suit (like all of them), who did nothing but do the running man the entire show. ← :lolsign: Classic.
  5. Big Willie Style, which was the second CD I had ever bought, and one of the best I've ever bought to date. :wickedwisdom: (the rate at which this smiley is shaking is seriously unsettling) Let's Face It by The Mighty Mighty Bosstones was my first CD. And before that, the only music I had ever bought was a cassette version of Deep Blue Something's Home, which I bought solely for Breakfast at Tiffany's. I honestly don't think I ever listened to the rest of it even once. So those were my humble beginnings in the field of music purchasing, presented for your reading pleasure. :thud:
  6. This track is so good. :hail: I love the calm, alternating rap/singing delivery with the story, which is really well told. Only thing I'm not thrilled with is that electric guitar thing in there, even tho it does fit in with the desperate feel of that portion of the story. The regular instrumental is so smooth, I just want to keep going uninterrupted with that. :3-laugh3: Clearly a minor complaint.
  7. Some really chill tracks like "Ain't No Place Like Home" and "So Fresh." :davidblaine:
  8. I love Kanye for being so reasonable about the downloading thing. :dope:
  9. I am also enjoying this remix. So yeah-- my thanks, too. :dope:
  10. Hahaha that's awesome :interesting: It's always fun when you hear random, unreleased songs you know playing in public.
  11. Oh snap!!!!!! I thought I was enough of a geek that I remembered all the shows I used to watch back in the day, but I had completely forgotten about that one! :hail: Oh, and uhhhh... Will doesn't really have a "ghostwriter", per say, so let's put that to rest (once again). :dope:
  12. Yeah, but I'm pretty sure someone stole it off of the pole lol... there's an odd hole where a lock should be to hold in the coins, and it was undoubtably picked. :yeah: (I'm dancing because I'm just generally excited)
  13. I have a very sophisticated sense of humor, and the following lines get me every time. :3-laugh3: I love Will's delivery... "A Blazer, '89, Tinted windows, I wish it was mine. Oh, it is, But where are my keys? There they are, ...In the ignition."
  14. I stepped away for dinner after watching Jonny's fireworks (top notch, by the way), and now noone appears to be on any more. So I guess that's it for this Podcast attempt. :shrug: However, we forge on into the future bravely and with hope. :pony: When are people available for another shot at recording this thing? :hmm:
  15. In my humble opinion, this little piece of advice sums it up. :switch: Just completely ridiculous behavior. And I hate the fact that TO and his agent are pretty much on every talk show ever all the time. But even though they are unspeakably annoying, I still watch. It's perversly interesting to hear them rationalize their actions out loud. :wtf:
  16. That's great, thanks for the link. :dope: Be nice to see Jeff catch a little bit of the spotlight, instead of hiding in the shadows on the turntables during another performance of Switch. :3-laugh3:
  17. ***PREDICTABLE JOKE ALERT*** I'm pulling for Hillary in '08, just because Bill Clinton moving back into the White House as "First Man" would be high comedy. Let's get a dramatic slow clap going for that one... :switch:
  18. In conclusion and in summary, until this video drops, the JJFP fan board will continue to look a little like this... :tantrum: :tantrum: :tantrum: :tantrum: :tantrum: :tantrum: :tantrum: :tantrum: :tantrum: :tantrum: :davidblaine: :tantrum: :tantrum: (who's the calm guy?)
  19. :speaker1: Bloodhound Gang, "You're Pretty When I'm Drunk".... What a profoundly ridiculous song, but it's fun... I'm also listening to JJFP, "Family Christmas" :noel: .........weelllllllll not really, but I needed to use the Santa smiley. :davidblaine:
  20. :3-laugh3: That's awesome. It's $160 bucks, tho??? Gosh.... By the way, is it sad that I get some wierd sense of hometown pride out of the fact that Biz's doll is wearing a Boston Bruins jersey? :shrug:
  21. :lolsign: Thats why I wanted to clarify things!!! We are the more logical nation aren't we!!! :rofl: ← :thumbsdown: ORRRRRRRRRRR... Are you just silly and easily confused?? (we win! )
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