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  1. holy shizzle! just realized there were tons of more responses than i originally saw, b/c there was a SECOND PAGE! i posted it, like, yesterday. you guys are ALL OUT. ANYhoo couple of things... 1. yeah im a will smith fan, got like 5 of his cd's and most of the rest downloaded (shhhh) and i love his stuff. 2. theres nothing "old school" about switch... what exactly is "old school" about it?? i wish he'd do some more real old school collabs like "so fresh" on willenium, which was classic-- jeff scratchin, biz and rick makin the appearence. good stuff. but switch? its just a bad dance song, and you cannot possibly tell me that the rhymes are good. if your sayin that, your totally underestimating will-- he's done waaaaay better stuff in the past. ok, thats more than enough time wasted on a msg board lol. this is my last appearence-- sorry for rocking the boat. you may now go back to blindly applauding anything will smith records and acting put-offish and posting laughing faces :hilarious: to any1 who says something critical bout ur main man. "I'm rough like sandpaper, hard like algebra"
  2. clearly my post was hugely over-the-top in the way i worded it like a wanna-be music reviewer. BUT i stand by my assesment of switch. if you like it like the 1st first replyer-- fine-- but it definately lacks the elements i liked about many of will's old songs. whatever. i was mostly just dissapointed b/c i waited for the song so long, checkin this website for updates pretty regularly since i heard will was releasin a new record sometime around the end of the summer. i even signed up for this msg board to hear the song and whatnot. and then i heard a nelly-quality dance track. in conclusion AND in summary, i hope the albums better than the single and that will smith die-hard "hero" can cool his jets with the whole "who-do-you-think-you-are" complex. gosh. i'm out like ready rock c. :cya:
  3. Thanks for puttin up Switch-- I've been wanting to hear it-- but how am I the only fan dissapointed w/ this track?? I was hopin for another classic Will Smith cut, but all I got was unimaginative, bland rhymes over a run-of-the-mill, repetative dance beat. Hope the album offers somethin more than this, or I'm def not buying it. Born to Reign was the weakest album the Prince came out w/ since he started his solo career post-Jeff, and if this type of crap is all he's got for a new collection, maybe Smith should give it up & stick with the movies. Hey, the truth hurts! :daedulus:
  4. I've been a member for a while but neva posted-- here's one so I can listen to Switch... DEDICATION!
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