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  1. Break by Jurassic 5 and Hey Ladies by the Beastie Boys. :davidblaine:
  2. Just incase you forgot what I look like, I give you this wildly attractive snapshot....
  3. I'd enjoy doing that. But I'd probably only deserve some obscure time or last pick or whatever, because I'd definately play the most random mix of music (JJFP, Jurassic 5, Hiero, Weezer, Cake, Barenaked Ladies, the theme song from Fraggle Rock.....). That would be quite fun tho. :gettinjiggywitit:
  4. Guys, please. Look at the actual wording of the lyric. That is not a diss. That's a pretty darn funny joke, and it mocks Eminem and it mocks themselves. If I was a psuedo-witty novelty act like the Bloodhound Gang, I'd totally write that line. It doesn't disrespect Will at all. :damnyou: (hahaha another great "new" smiley, just so overexaggerated with the squint, I LOVE ITTTTT)
  5. So Fresh is one of the smoothest JJFP tracks ever recorded and just thinking about what could be if a whole album of such cuts was compiled by Will & Jeff now is torturous because I do not see it on the immediate horizon. :sick: (GREAT new - at least to me - smiley face... nothing fancy, but hilarious and very expressive... two thumbs enthusiastically UP!)
  6. WhiteBoySlim240: what's up Dave?!?!?! sCyhigh02: whats up.... who? haha WhiteBoySlim240: Wesley from the JJFP board WhiteBoySlim240: i bet you thought it was another one of those bots hahaha sCyhigh02: hahahaha that didnt even occur to me but it probably shouldve WhiteBoySlim240: so.... the board's too good for you now or what? lol sCyhigh02: whats up? i havent been around the forum in a while :-P sCyhigh02: the college thing has been keeping me kinda busy lol sCyhigh02: im home for columbus day weekend tho WhiteBoySlim240: yeah tim brought back some of your posts for laughs like the parking meter and the relevant questions and stuff sCyhigh02: maybe ill stop by lol sCyhigh02: hahaha really? WhiteBoySlim240: and then people were like "where'd that guy go? i miss him" sCyhigh02: hahah really... youre gonna give me a big head sCyhigh02: ill definately be back tho sCyhigh02: im just kinda a mess with time management sCyhigh02: im a painfully stereotypical college freshman sCyhigh02: oh well WhiteBoySlim240: it seems like u have plenty of time for aim messenger but not for the board huh? lol WhiteBoySlim240: played any good games of Jenga lately? LMFAO! sCyhigh02: hahhaahha heard about that thru the grapevine, huh sCyhigh02: sadly enough, no WhiteBoySlim240: yup yup sCyhigh02: but i did join intramural basketball sCyhigh02: my squad's 0-2 sCyhigh02: BUT sCyhigh02: im shooting 100% sCyhigh02: (bitches) sCyhigh02: 1-1, wes sCyhigh02: 1 for friggin 1 uncontested layup WhiteBoySlim240: haha intramural basketball at college sCyhigh02: it is a source of great personal achievement WhiteBoySlim240: sounds fun, we've got some intramural sports at our high school sCyhigh02: cool... u do any? WhiteBoySlim240: i'm thinkin about volleyball cuz that's coming up WhiteBoySlim240: actually i lied... volleyball is the only intramural sport we have haha WhiteBoySlim240: but i play basketball for real tho sCyhigh02: ooOOoOoo sCyhigh02: we got a "real" athlete on our hands sCyhigh02: very nice haha WhiteBoySlim240: yup yup sCyhigh02: you know what sCyhigh02: im gonna hit up the board RIGHT NOW sCyhigh02: you have inspired me WhiteBoySlim240: way to be tenacious! And so it began... :rockon:
  7. I'm thinking someone might have taken a fact-filled guided tour of the Hollywood Walk of Fame... :interesting:
  8. :3-laugh3: Weeeeell, it was the Mass the night before Graduation. There was a slide show of different events from high school, and so on. A pretty chill mass, so I was fine. :dope:
  9. I was just putting together some pictures of my family and whatnot to take to college with me, and I came across this fabulous picture of me all dressed up for the Baccalauriate Mass at my high school. I was really going for the all-out Mafia look with this suit. :mikelowery: The goofy smile kinda messed that up tho.
  10. :lolsign: Johnny, you got shot down!! :eusa_naughty: :dontgetit: :mikelowery: It happens. Anyways, it was a pretty decent, if flawed, observation. :interesting:
  11. Wowwwwwwww, a premiere during the VMA's?? First class all the way! :dope: Maybe Interscope was a little bit late on the release, but they sure know how to do it right now since they've finally gotten around to it. :interesting:
  12. "Ain't No Place Like Home" - I am in love with the instrumental. :hail: I wanna take long walks on the beach with it... possibly marry it. And Will's rhymes strike just the right note for the subject matter. "He's the DJ, I'm the Rapper" - I actually listed this in my school newspaper's "Senior Edition" a few months ago as my favorite song ever. Will just tears it up on this track, and the beat is simple, but effective. Well placed scratching from Jeff. "So Fresh" - Jazzy's scratching is top-notch here, also. Smooth beat, and the triumvirate of FP, Biz, and Slick Rick on the mic is hard to argue with. :trio: Fun track. "Rock the House" - Vintage old school material right here. I love it. :dope: And I still love Ready Rock, even if he did turn out to be an embittered outcast in the end. (I just laugh at these things) "Ya'll Know" - Powers, I love that you mentioned this! :iagree: I'm always happy to find a fellow fan of the most underrated track on Big Willie Style. Everything about it is classic -- and its lyrics inspired my beautiful forum signature. Don't know if anyone remembers :stickpoke: but one of the first things I did after joining here was to start a Ya'll Know appreciation thread. HONORABLE MENTION :davidblaine: "Pump up the Bass" "Just One of Those Days" "If You Can't Dance (Slide)" "Yes Yes Y'all" "Big Willie Style" "Then She Bit Me" "Loretta" "Jazzy's Groove" "The Reverend" "As We Go" "Too Damn Hype" "Jeff Waz on the Beatbox" (ummmmmm... that should do it :switch: )
  13. We can definately try, but I really doubt that that has anything to do with it. How can you explain the times where the echo only kicks in several minutes into the convo?? I'm pretty sure it's some type of technical problem. :damnlorettas:
  14. Seeing this potential challenge on the horizon, I immediately moved to the arcade, and in ONE TRY, demolished my old score to move the bar even higher and make it that much more difficult for you to dethrone me. I CANNOT BE BEATEN!!!!!!!!!!!!! :mygod: :scared07: :pony: :ShockRifle: :noel:
  15. I'm gonna use this argument for all the games except Tetris. Speaking of Tetris, YOU PEOPLE CANNOT TOUCH ME!!!!!!! :ithinkimkanye: (PS: no, it is not hypocritical to pick and choose where I use Julie's logic, and I refuse to explain why.... yeah :eusa_snooty: )
  16. NOOOOOO! I thought I was being crafty, and I got off to a bad start on a few games, so I just exited, thinking it would not count it as one of my 3 tries... but it did count each of those games-- as ZERO! :3-laugh3: All I can do is laugh, via clickable smiley, at my ridiculosity.
  17. bwhahahahahahahahahahahahahahah oh ****...bwhwhahahahahhahahahhahahhahahhhahahahahhahahh thank you...thank you so much for putting me in tears....roflmao..bwhwhahahahhahahahhahhahahhahhah ← Zing! :scared07:
  18. A poster w/ JJ & FP in the same pose as their famous album cover, except dressed in suits, and with the writing in the same font, but red & blue, saying, "He's the VP, I'm the President." :ithinkimkanye: And yes, if I had and knew how to use photoshop, I would attempt to create this. :damnlorettas: (sidenote: Tim, I love your psuedo-editorials in naming the different smilies... for example, the two above being "i think i'm kanye" and "damn lorettas" :3-laugh3: this is a highly underrated feature of the JJFP forum clickable smiley establishment)
  19. Ahhhhhhhhhh, the imperative nature of clickable smilies in forum communications is proven! :interesting: Meanwhile, I was completely unaware of this "JJFP blog" until now. When did this happen? I will definately try to contribute something soon, if you'd be so gracious as to post it, Tim. :hail:
  20. It's not like that at all (MaxFly-style bolding). You can't compare that statement in quotes with 90% of slang usage of gay. What you gave is an example of territorialism, mixed with blatant racism. I'm talking about pure colloquial language that has nothing to do with homosexuality. ANYways, I can see what you're saying, Schnazz, but I respectfully disagree with your disagreement (smooth wording). Of course, anti-homosexuality does exist, and it's a problem that needs to be addressed in our society, but for you to assume that people who use the word "gay" as slang fall into this category, isn't really fair... Again, I wanna emphasize that I make a conscious effort not to use "gay," because I realize what it can imply to some people, etc. And I think other people should just stop using the word, too-- even tho it can be difficult when its so a part of your normal vocabulary. But it needs to made clear that for at least some people-- and I don't know the percentages or ratios, Schnazz, maybe you've encountered more people who are truely anti-homosexual than I have-- it really is just a matter of poor word choice, and they don't deserved to be labeled as bad people for this. Aaaaaaaaaaaand, done. :dope:
  21. Props to Kanye for standing up against gay-bashing, of course. :dope: But just a few thoughts of mine on using the word "gay" as slang... I do not particularly like when people use "gay" as slang for bad, or uncool, or anything generally negative. However, I get even more frustrated when people assume that others who use the word in this fashion are being hateful or are homophobic. The fact is, "gay" has become a colloquialism, and there are plenty of people who have simply had this word engrained in their informal speech. Especially in certain regions (such as here in the Boston area), where it's really part of the local vernacular... A friend of mine was recently accused of being a gay-basher on an online forum because he used "gay" as slang. Of course, it was a speech & debate forum, and he had joined only as a joke, immediately starting a thread about how much he hated this activity (ie: "hello, I'm new here, and speech & debate is gay). But ANYways, the point is, he claimed that these people were being presumptious, didn't understand the concept of conversational language, and were fabricating controversy. I agreed. To an extent. My take is: sure, many people who use "gay" as slang aren't trying to imply anything about homosexuality, and it's probably ignorant to assume they are, but these people should probably make a point to try to delete this expression from their speech (I have), knowing the origins of it are hateful and that it could easily send the wrong messages. It's not a matter of malice for alot of people; it's a matter of learning to have more tact in their word choice. How's THAT for a highly unnecessary rant?? :thud: This is what I do when I'm bored. :davidblaine:
  22. HAhhahhaaha :3-laugh3: I'm not even gonna argue this point, because some are and some aren't, but you HAVE to know you're gonna get some talk back on that one. :noooo:
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