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  1. Since 97 as I first heard a dj spinnin Don't say nuttin
  2. So to all dem germans on this board, you can still get sum cards. Splash 04.08. - 06.08.
  3. C'mon boys I've got thirty views and only 1 replie. @FuQ Thx
  4. I hate y'all so much right now, because i live in germany. :ohdear:
  5. Oh, Eminem got love for Will. the beef is over but the media is killin the good vibes between them both.
  6. Very good but: Man, you listen to gangsta rap, you don't know flowin'// -I'm not feelin' that line because there is a lot of good and very emotional gangsta rap too. But i think you mean all the crap everybody is hearin'.
  7. pretty short but good
  8. you got some good stuff on ya space
  9. The lyrics really good, I will check out the audio
  10. Overbrook is just a sublabel of interscope. That means they suggest and Interscope says yes or no
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