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  1. I did it just like FuQ told me! I wrote down what i felt [u] Tragedy[/u] I woke up on the street corner, gun shots, blood flows, tragedy goin on, Old women got shot what the hell goes on, I suppose a lot of things in the past went wrong! Young gees that spark a lot, actin’ like dogs, they’re just bark a lot, Ain’t no talk or sum’, robbery in the park wit’ chumps, Ready to kill, they don’t care, if it’s dark or not! Deal wit drugs and stuff, got no future cos’ the world just sucks, For them everythings ****ed up! Money cash hoes, is the motto, smokin’ green, **** a hoe, again sippin on the bottle, I close my eyes, I wish to reach a better place, Which is, like an isle where people wishin’ reachin’ better days! But dreamin dreams ain’t enough we all gotta do sum’, All gotta stand up now it’s time for revolution! I'm not sure, i mean it's straight from the heart, but lyricly? write down what cha think peace Loco
  2. Very good lyricz, Good meaning in'em! i wish i could write those lyricz like you do, it's not my strengh, i have tried so much but when the verses were finished i didn'T like them! so you got my respect! :thumb:
  3. Hot!!! It's better than the original!
  4. Nice lyricz! I love battles without curses! Round two???
  5. I really like this lyrics. simple but i felt the flava that you're bringin! sorry that i wasn't here for a long time but i was busy! Recording trax, school and job! But my album is recorded, when all trax are mastered i will upload 'em to soundclick.com, and give you a link to it! peace loco
  6. Hey what'z up Loco back in the spot! nice rhymes, nice flow, nice verce! You are the man! :bowrofl: one luv Loco
  7. Yeah, i think he said it in one of his lyricz!
  8. Like i said it's lyricly not on top, but it flows good and when u rap it the aight and aight sound, cool! One Luv Loco
  9. When he finishs with the other beatz. cos' when the second is way better than the first, i delete the first one. It's a big collabo, so it gotta be a monsta-beat! I hope ya can wait. :-) peace loco
  10. Woah! this is damn good. i feel the vibe. as i was reading i was like " Hell Yeah, this boy is talented" peace loco
  11. Very cool track, i listened to it 6 times! It's something to think about. it's good when a rapper make his listeners think. peace
  12. Its just one verse that i wrote, after i read a post of one of y'All! Back in da days, hip hop was a thing of love and ****, Only hip-hoppers were lovin it, but that fact changed, it’s not like this no more, today you hearing hip hop in every disco yo, it goes commercial, and dat fact destroys the game, you here ‘em rap on the radio cos’ they love fame, themselves and the money they make, but they don’t care about hip hop just ‘bout how many honeys the take. Back in da days It was about who can rock a party right, About the beats and who’s the best on the mic, Now days it’s like my chain’s 2 million dollars worth, And about that fact who got the biggest house on earth, I don’t know if everything’s still so aight, I suppose it ain’t, so maybe I am aight, I ain’t understand that but maybe i am wrong, Maybe it’s aight and I get dissed for that song. (it's lyricly not on top but i felt like "write it down and show 'em") One Luv Fo' HipHop peace Loco
  13. One beat is made and it's hot!!!! he did it tonite, 4 hours work. Maybe the other beatz are finished this week, so you can get it started. The First is a 100 bpm beat, it sounds like Just Blaze production!
  14. Holla, thank u!!! Its straight from da heart, as i was writing it i thought should i do it, cos' there a lot of people who don't care about those trax. But than again i thought i don't give a **** cos' i do it for me and not for anybody else. thats what i learned from Fresh Prince, do what you wanna do, don't care about what others thinkin bout u. As i came to germany i was 7, and got no one to talk wit' or to play wit' it was 1994 and Boom, Shake the room was still runnin' on MTV, and i thought this guy is really cool, since that point i'm a JJ FP fan fo' life. and wit' 10 i start to rap first in german and now since 4 years in english. but guys like you make me keep doin this ****.
  15. OOOOOHHHH WEEEEEEEEEE! You did a good job!
  16. Check out "Born II Be Different"
  17. I was born in Russia, 7th January 1987, A poor place was my home but for me it was like heaven, In any case for the first time, Cos’ rain should fall down on me, just 6 years the sun shined! As I was 6 years old I learned that I’m wrong at this place, Cos’ I felt I was a Russian but than I had to face, The fact that I wasn’t and than I got discriminated, Buy my so called friends, they start to punch me in my face! I asked my momma why they did, she said listen kid, She told me about history and all this ****s, But I didn’t understand cos’ I was just six, Than she said you and this country, it won’t fit! I thought why the hell it won’t, cos’ I’m a Russian, But after this sentence I understood the discussion, She said next year germany’s the place we’ll livin’, And when you older son you will know why you’re different! Hook:2x We’re foreigners, for natives, but in Russia we’re wrong, We ain’t got a place a country that we can call our home, We’re not welcome in this country, we’re history’s victims, But we’re gonna live our life, cos’ we’re Born II Be Different! 2.nd Verse Arrived in Germany, I thought that’s my home, Cos’ momma told me so. But is that my home? First I didn’t know cos’ everything was strange, kinda alarming, And than I thought o.k., now life starting! But we still had no home gotta live in a camp, A camp for foreigners, but I didn’t give a damn, I was just looking forward, to meet life time buddies, But I didn’t know this language, so first I had to study. And than finally arrived in the town I’m living now, I learned to speak their language, I was ready to meet pals! Right I met some but they were not like my pals in Russia, They got other hobbies, not like mines so all of them were suckers, And that was the point as I thought life is ****ty, I hung around wit’ Russian man I did hate this city, The German peoples, german food, although German air, I just wished to die and hoped lord will take me there! Hook:(2X) 3.rd Verse Now days it is not different, I’m still them same person, But I’ve grown up a little bit, I know more about the world and, My life got much more mind, cos’ live wit’ changing times, Can handle wit’ this problems, I salve’em trough my rhymes, Got a circle of friends, real friends I mean, Friends that tellin’ truth, friends against I can lean, Friends that help when I feel bad, friends that cheer up I feel sad, Friend I haven’t got back than friends who fill this gap. And I got hip hop, it is always there for me, It doesn’t matter where I am, hip hop always care for me, When I search for sum’ questions, hip hop got ‘em no doubt, So always when I’m down, I lay back and chill to hip-hop sound! And the main fact I got now is my heart and soul, My girlfriend, biggest love I’ve got, helps me to control, My thoughts and acts, without her I was just an immigrant, she makes me feel I’m similar, although I’m born to be different! Hook:(2X)
  18. HA,HA! I tell him to do three beatz and when they're done i'll give one of ya the link.
  19. Yeah I heard Summatime, but whats up wit' da quality. i mean ya rhymes and the flow is smooth but the sound is not so good.
  20. My Potna Produces very tight beatz, i could x him to do one for ya? You don't have to pay anything cos' he do it for da love of da game! So what u think?
  21. So that meens it could be a "6-Men" track? I'm listened to Best friends and Str8 Fire, hot boy, you got my respect. Is the "Best Friend " beat from u? Your voice reminds me of Cormega! Dope Dope Dope
  22. It would be cool you got icq? It would be fun to do it, cos' i'm about to finish the recording wit' a homie that raps in german. We're doin' an E.P. together, so if the track wit' u and Brakes is early enough recorded i put it on the E.P.
  23. Thanx alot! when it's record i'll give it to ya, than say what you think about it. If you like it, maybe we do a track 2 gether, cus' i'm from germany and cain't wait to do a collabo wit' a act from da states or Great Britain
  24. Hey whusup, you heavy in da game boy, keep yo **** on and you'll make it big. check out my topic "Me Myself & I" Peace Loco A.K.A. L' Chico
  25. Me Myself & I 1. Verse Hey what’s up Loco back in da spot, This is for them people who say “Loco You Suck”, But I don’t care cos’ I am what I am, And I don’t care cos’ I’m a blend of a man and a, Boy that did, do, and doez dirt, Boy that diss you wit’ just one word, And after I dissed ya maybe we do a track, I was more complicated before I knew rap, But that’s the way Loco goes and it will go on, No matter what ya do, I don’t care, if I do wrong, So ya can say what ya wanna say, Do what ya wanna do, I’ll walk the way for me not for you! Sometimes I’m aggressive, sometimes I’m witty, Sometimes I love my life, sometimes it’s ****ty, No matter how I feel, or what I do, ya Got always something to say against me myself and I! Hook:(2X) I Am What I Am, I’m L.O.C.O. I won’t change my style, I stay L’Chico, Like it or love it, but until I die, I will stay just Me Myself & I! 2.Verse I am what I am, I’m not everybody’s darling, Sometimes I wanna die but lord won’t let me fallin, He let me longer breath athough I cannot see, Lord the good shepherd and I’m his black sheep, Sometimes I speak to him, and ask why don’t you take me, Than he sends me a hint, and it helps, I know it’s crazy, But without the help from god I was almost dead, Without the hints from god, I was no more here, I went through sins have broke the ten commandments, But he has helped me, and I again committed sins, And than again he xed me, “what You runnin’ from”, I said “from nuttin”, he said “than obey son”, I said “I will try”, but that’s no promise, But when I do you wrong, you can convict, Me for disobedience, but you know that I tried, But I wasn’t strong enough to fight me myself and I! Hook:(2X) 3.Verse I see, what see is all I saw, all I saw is what I’ve seen, All I’ve seen is in my dream, so I see, I see I ain’t perfect, but who the hell is it, Who the hell got a clean spirit? I ask a few questions, and I get the answers in my life, Cos’ life is just a lesson, it tells you every time the right, So look yesterday I was not scared to die, Today I’ve got my girl and love my life! Cos’ life got now a sense, I live it for my babe, and for the time we will have it will be great, So I thank Jesus, and I thank the lord, Cos’ when I please’em, I will get my support! I know that I got enemies, because the way I am, And I will change myself than when my heart say man, You did a lot of things wrong and now it is time, To be a better person, not just you, yourself and ya! Hook:(2X)
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