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  1. I voted 8. The beat is hot. Rhames are just average. I feel what G-Star is sayin'. he song is commercial and all dat but It's dope!!!
  2. I've already recorded 3 tracks and will record 2 more racks for that Album. So if ya want me to be on the Album I'm ready for that.
  3. Everyone of Y'all is cursing. I'm cursing in my lyrics, FuQ is cursing in his lyrics etc. But that doesn't me that we are not as smart as somebody who's not cursing. It's just about good music. If 50 feels like makin' music for dem Geez on da street, let him do this, why not? Cos' for dem Geez on da street dat's good music. And for us Will Smith's stuff is dope. Ya know what i'm sayin'
  4. I know my rhymes ain't that great as FuQ's, but if i was you i would try to find better ones. And the scheme isn't that good. But It's aight. :thumb: Peace Loco
  5. This is a track i like to call a highspeed track. The track (Beat+lyricz+record)got finished in 90 minz. cos' we were under time pressure. http://www.crime-potnaz.com/03sound/exclus...eak-It-Down.mp3 http://www.crime-potnaz.com -> sound -> Break It Down Who's that playa wit' the Domepiece-Cap, that's me that Emcee I gon' throw these raps, yes I'm grimy like Christina Aguilera, Lables gonna sign me cos' noone does it better, What's goin' on now, I'm spittin' and ya said i'm sold out, hold on don't bother, the show's gotta go on, we rockin' ya hoppin' and so on and so on, until the break of dawn CPT's gonna flow on, Megalomania, naw, come on I'm a playa, first comes the Indy then comes the Major, ya praise us cos' flava is what we gave ya, we keep ya heads ringin' like Dr. Dre does, consequently, you have lost this battle, against Loco the CPT rebel, because your war strategy was a fiasco, and everybody knows dirt is dirt so let's go! We break it dow-break it dow-break-break-break it down, Crime Potnaz, we gon' lay ya fakes down, everybody's talkin' about us, they love us or hate us, Yes we break it down, we da CPT Playas! I would be happy if ya would post your opinion about this track (Beat+Lyrics+Flow+Voices). Please be honest. One Love Loco
  6. It's brand new and so hot. What do you think about my Potna in Djing: Cut 'N Roll? Listen to his Cuts on his first track: Drugs, Sex & Cut 'N Roll It's just a short track but in the future ya can listen to some more Cut 'N Roll Stuff Click on http://www.crime-potnaz.com/03sound/exclus...-Cut-n-Roll.mp3 http://www.crime-potnaz.com Peace & One Love To The Hip-Hop World Loco
  7. Y'all know is a classic. "the fantastic, boombastic, gettin' ten times hotter then any of you other cats get".... Great Song but my fav on BWS is Don't Say Nothin. It's straight hip hop
  8. His style has changed a little bit. In his new video he's dancin' wit' half naked girls and his clothing looks more gangsta but will smith is will smith and definitely no gangsta. Everybody was laughing about him and sayin' he do white music cos' it ain't hard enough for black music. And if he will curse on his new record it won't mean that he's a gangsta now just cos' he's sain' s*** or f***. Lost and Found is gon' be dope and y'all know dat
  9. Good lyrics. I like the scheme
  10. 1st.verse Lay back, cos' it's time to chill, imagine you be a rap superstar like Cypress Hill, and try to feel, that my style is ill, and ain't nobody in this world did it like i will, and i will go from rags to riches, and i will show no love for (who), and i will show them fools where da hood is, and i will be a playa to the fullest, I came to bring the game right into ya brain, cos i'm slave to da game, da game got me trapped like i'm a real O.G., but they just don't wanna see that I'm L.O.C., My papa told me what comes around goes around, and if you do nuttin', than ya life's goin' down, he said you've gotta find a way and than walk on this road, but everything that glitters ain' always old! 2nd.verse Call me outsider, i'm young in da game but a fighter, let me be ya ghostwriter and ya s*** will get tighter, i go through the wire, like Kanye West, I'm the playa wit' the super S on my chest, No, i ain't tired, i set the roof on fire, It's gettin' hot in here but i let motherf****** burn, But all of y'all admire me like i am ya desire, like a day in Miami, so why ya haters startin riots, I got new s***, i hope ya ready to take that, Potnaz s*** that makes you bounce and lay back, there's ain't no way but puttin' that in ya tapedeck, as long as we live, we're da might so face that, we pushin rhymes like weights, and our rhymes heavyweight, I said it's made to set it straight and we don't hesitate, to stop ya ride on the fastlane, ya better pump ya breaks prig, if not the world say no to ya chump, like Craze did! 3rd.verse You know me, will never forget the L.O.C., cos' i won't leave ya head like Ginuwine wit' Pony, Or Obie's "real name no gimmicks", I'm so deep, before i made music i was diving so homie, check out my part, better check out what i'm sayin', i'm bringin' flava back to ya ear and i ain't playin', the situation, make it clear ya better face it, there's no civilisation without the "Loco temptation", My rap is my creation and i'm not gon' hesitatin', to trap this generation in a world where rap is blazin', All'em different nations, will live in peace, so no more hatin', why we can't live our lifes, without hunger tribulation, Y'all talkin' 'bout losin' ya religion, but i'm not, I stay true to my religion, my religion is Hip-Hop, And when i will be 40, i will stand still on stage, Wit' CPT, that's Mc Mole, Cut 'N Roll and Craze! the hook is in german, that's why i didn't post it. This track will be in a few days on http://www.crime-potnaz.com so ya can listen to the audio. peace loco
  11. Loco


    I've been gone for a long time but now i'm back, check out sum tracks on http://www.crime-potnaz.com Tragedy: is my solo track Mole is da **** in da game: 1 verse from my potna Mole Anthem: This is the Crime Potnaz Anthem
  12. I hope the petey pablo and ludacris collabos will be on the album. I like the voice of petey pablo and the style of ludacris
  13. My Song of the Week is "Worst Comes To Worst" from "Dilated Peoples". The song is perfect, the beat, the lyrics and the cuts. A Masterpiece
  14. I Just hope Tra-Knox won't be on it. And if they will be on it, i hope it will be a track like "I'm Comin'" I love this track I can't wait, man! :switch:
  15. last Tuesday i was dancin in a club where my Craze my Potna was Djing and he played a song from Joe Budden called #1. He raps about ol skool artist he listened to back in da days and Talks about Will Smith and Parents just don't understand. i thought i just post this because maybe some of ya would be happy about this Message! One Luv L.O.C.O. A.K.A. L'Chico :dj:
  16. Holla Back produced by Poke & Tone Born to reign produced by Rick Rock Block Party produced by L.E.S. and Herb Middleton & Just Cruisin' produced by L.E.S. and Poke & Tone
  17. ONE SONG IS ENOUGH. I don't wanna hear em on every track. Born to reign is enough!
  18. [u]LL COOL J[/u] [u]NAS[/u] KEL SPENCER [u]PAULY YAMZ & BABY BLAK[/u] THE ROOTS SNOOP DOGG CORMEGA ICE CUBE [u]YUKMOUTH[/u] (yukmouth and will on a track like i'm comin' would be dope) CNN RED & METH [u]E-DUB[/u]
  19. Ceck "Live At Union Square (November 986) on the "he's the dj" album. Jazzy Jeff is playing Cheryl Lynn's Got to be real while FP is Doing this "Homeboys make some noize, lemme hear ya say awww" thing. As i heard this track track i thought why don't FP do a remake of Got to be real, cos i love dis track. That's funny :hilarious:
  20. Holla, my girlfriend heard switch but she could't rememba how the beat was and how the style of the track was. Sum of y'all heard switch?
  21. I live in husum, (nähe von Flensburg), but originally i'm from Russia/Omsk. My sister lives in Hannover, i visit her every weekend. one luv
  22. It' deeper than the Deep Blue Sea! I'm looking forward to hear ya album! My Album is mastered! Me and my potnaz will do a little promo for our album. And than we will make a releasejam! Your name is in my thank yous!!! Because this straight from the heart thing, it helped me a lot. one Luv
  23. Holla, my fav is ALI. Willd did a good job on this movie! @ E - Style-Greesy - E Whats the name of the town you are living? I'm from Germany too! :sonny: one Luv
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