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  1. there is a song with lil wayne and pual wall and weezy mentions will smith..not sure if it a compliment or and insult..u guys can be the judge ..and get back at me;) hers the link ( u have to register to hewar the song..sorry):http://pjbutta.com/Content/Music/Share/Track.aspx?source=MusicShareBootlegs&id=00000883
  2. how can u watch the video... that section is password protected ? what do i need to do?
  3. i love that song..wehnever i listen to bws i put that on repeat..best rap love song without a doubt...masterpiece
  4. WOW..that was hella awsum bro...damn that was soo sikk,...i jus listend to it...twice! thnx
  5. thats too many post..i think..becuz i only have maybe 40 or so but i come to the site EVERYDAY literally and i jus read the post and some times i jus agrre with what is said so there is no need for me to post..some ppl reply becuz they have been here for a long time and know evryone where as others jus enjoy the benefits of the site by simply reading what others have to say. I jus think that raising the number of post will exclude ppl from certain aspects of the site who in actuallity desrve it..such as my self;)..just a thought..plz take this into consideration...im speaking for all those who dont post often but are on the site daily and love it here!
  6. wills awsum! sorry jus had on ourburst..but yeah he is prolly a strict father judging from the values and morals he displays im sure he would want his children to represent him with the same moral standing
  7. wow..thnx man for putting it on yousend it....im prolly the only one who cant use it...thnx again.
  8. hey do u think u could put it on yousendit..cuz my comp wont let me use rapidshare..plz and thnx..if not then thnx n e way.
  9. hey did n e body record wills performance at the finals..if so can any of you who did plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz post it...plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  10. this is sooooooooo tough becuz..they are both will doin an amazing job..lost and found defintly has will displaying a much better flow and he expresses himself more ..so its more real talk from that perscpective..BUT! willenium has song that jus touch the soul..like the rain,afro angel and no more...like i listen to those tracks each about 20 when i listen to this cd so its really hard..but skill wise id have to say L&F peace&luv
  11. OMG YO! this song is soooo sikk...i wish he would have put this on the North American version
  12. is it the whole song//welll i guess ill find out..i hope so...thnx bro!
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