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  1. I think he'll go on n on. I don't care how old a rapper is, if his music's aight i'll buy his album. So let's hope dat Will, will release records until he die.
  2. Big Will Is Back, if Gold or Platinum, he's all Dat! Let's wait 1 Year and he'll go 9XPlat. :-)
  3. It's Ok, but u should use more double rhymes.
  4. :thumb: I see you've practised a lot. Keep on practising and it will getting better and better. Promise
  5. BullSh!t, i could kill lil john for this one. :ali:
  6. Check ou Crazy-E at soundclick and choose a beat for the collabo. I will send it to you per E-Mail.
  7. Naw, he's new in the game. I found him 2 weeks ago. He's spittin it very well.
  8. So let's do a clubtrack. I got a guy called "Torrent Tino", he could hook up wit us on dat one. He's spittin it in Jamaican English (Patois). So let's do dat one. Holla Back
  9. FuQ - Brought Upon A Dream I praise u 4 dis 1 :bowdown:
  10. no, this is a missunderstanding. I know that, that is dat, but i don't know the english word for 1024*768. I hope you understand what i mean, if not it isn't bad. But i don't know the meaning for "bilingualism" *lol*. So what should the lyrics be about? What kinda beat do you want?
  11. 1. what albums will you listen to between now and lost and found? BWS & Nas - Street's Disciple 2. how high are your expectations for L&F? Very high cos' all the stuff i'm reading here. 3. how long have you been waiting for this album(like really waiting) Since September 4. what do you think the new JJFP tracks will sound like? I think it will Be BWS & Willenium + modern Hip Hop 5. how many tracks do you want on the new album? All tracks he have recorded between B2R and L+F 6. and lastly how old were you when willennium was released? 13
  12. I found this in the MTV news archive. I don't know if this already was posted but check it out. __________________________________________________________________ While he waits for his new album to drop, you might find Everlast wrapping his fingers around the butt of a gun. And if Will Smith crosses his path again, he'll probably splatter him with paint. Everlast's got nothing personal against Will. "Once you hit a certain age, you're kind of like, 'Whoa, this isn't as much fun as it used to be. This life really isn't doing it for me anymore.' " — Everlast But when you live for the game, you gotta kill for the game, and paintball isn't a sport for the weak. Last year, Everlast's squad — the Stoned Assassins — battled Smith's paintball team and emerged victorious. "[Will Smith's team] had 25 guys and we had 15, but we beat 'em," Everlast said. "We had better guns and were better trained. It was, like, one of Will's first times playing paintball. But I heard after that, he and his boys went out and re-geared up, and he's really into it now full-blast. I'd love to play those guys again."
  13. I don't know the english word for dat, but it gotta be "1024*768". I hope you know what i mean.
  14. I mean whole page. What should the track we'll do, be about. Club Banger, Sum' to think about, funky.......? When the track is done i'll put it on our page and if it's a Club Banger I'll play it in da club to. Cos' you know i'm djjing at the black Beat partys In the Club in my town. And the people goin' crazy when i play one of my tracks, so they definitely will go crazy when they hear i did a collabo wit' a guy from the USA.
  15. I showed him all ya stuff on Soundclick. Especialy Ya last One "Brought Upon A Dream". What's ya opinion about the other tracks and the who page?
  16. I will tell him that you like it. Cos' as i showed him your stuff he was like "Woah this boy has talent, He's defenitly somebody i like to collab wit". So let's do it as fast as possible.
  17. I'll be for one weak in Italy. But I'm back on 25th Feb. so at the latest on 26th you will get em.
  18. I will put some beats from my producer Craze on Soundclick or maybe on my page, so you can choose one and we gon' rock the house.
  19. I'm looking forward to read the italian version
  20. If i was him, i would use more double rhymes. But for the 1st one it aight!
  21. So I will put em on my page and ya can listen to 'em!
  22. Thank you, I hope ya checked out my Dj, cos' if we would do a collabo he would scratch on it.
  23. Thank you. What about the language?
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