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  1. "cruisin down the highway speakers blastin doin it the flyway" - I love it
  2. Good work. You should post much more stuff cos it's good
  3. You can download the audio file here: http://www.vielzugut.com/counter/count.php?id=id_ed4 I beg for reviews :-)
  4. what you mean wit' freaky written'?
  5. I'm runnin' backwards through a lane, blind insane, my mind ain't playin', cryin' from pain and time is changin', lies are facin' truth, beside this ragin', I'm in danger, risin' hate and fathers angerin', need some astma, breathin' faster, meet my gangsta, wanna leave disaster, he's too fast I, keep on and on but don't reach new chapters, it's the movie of the blind, and i'm the leading actor, I can't move, freezed statued, readin' bad news, soul bleedin' and you feel like djs scratched you, clack boom, than shoots drop through crack fools, several clack moves, and the devil will get you. i gets dizzy, fog shows psyche 16:9 range of vision, heartdrop slows life, sirenes and tootin, blood that's pollutin', and there's ...... Ain't no love.... New place white clothes, choir sing, light show, you've sinned, god spoke, you've been dark rosed, lord i ain't done S***, b'fore you blame i quit, you a slave my kid, start to pray ya sins, start regrets, sudden death, in my eyes, in a vest i see, tecs can't deny, it's knows not familiar, i hope ain't killed one, get my prayers goin' on, concentraiting it goes on, i see me intoxication, bleedin at a station, three guys that hatin, look at me now they ragin', prime time they boxin', without givin me option, trod-trod they got me, chop-chop they stop me, drop-drop i got free, nonstop i F***ed these, took the chop-chop, clack boom i got shot, sirenes and tootin', my blood that's pollutin', so there's ...... Ain't no love....
  6. You got that **** movin Hot!!! Holla Back Loco __________________________________ Cruesoe & Loco - Just Doin It Vol. 1 Mixtape wit 21 Tracks for free http://www.vielzugut.com
  7. thx spread it vto ya homies
  8. good verse............... very good verse
  9. What's up, check out my mixtape http://www.vielzugut.com and give me some reviews Holla Back
  10. http://www.vielzugut.com/ -> alles als*.rar.-Datei Ya gotta download it . For the german people in here:Drei deutsche rapper sind dabei aufjedenfall downloaden Holla back
  11. I disslike about Will that he uses ghostwriters for his tracks. It's really disappointing.
  12. A bridge is sumthin thatis makin' you ready for the hook. verse bridge hook verse hook verse bridge hook that's a typical structure of rnb lyrics. i could try to find a singer for this track. Crazy-E could do the beat. and we got a hot rnb song. oh i forgot to say that these sum good lyrics.
  13. http://www.soundclick.com/bands/pageartist.cfm?bandID=308181
  14. Thank You. Yes i got your accapella. Crazy-E has uploaded a few new beats, check em out and pick one. @Brakes: My man said you can pick one too. Holla back
  15. Holla, look at fuq reply. you gotta keep your **** the best, so work on it. Check out my new track fairy tails
  16. Check out my new track, and vote!!! All you gotta do is: http://www.soundclick.com/bands/pagemusic.cfm?bandID=308181 Lemme know what ya think about it. Loco
  17. Funny Idea, but the rhyming is weak. don't do: time/fine/line shine and so on.
  18. Just try to write sum rhymes down, and try to feel the beat. But the best swedish rapper? I don't think so cos' Promo is da greatest swedish rapper and always will be. Good Luck
  19. When It's time for party starter he'll bring it. But now it's till time to Switch so every1 of y'all should switch too.
  20. Top 5. But let's hope it'll push the Album.
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