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  1. Mariah Carey - Say Something (SO SO DEF REMIX)
  2. No Prob viber_91, liking that track list like i'm not already hype'd about TROTM now i can't wait for this!
  3. hey guys, i was on amazon and bestbuy's site looking for some jeff stuff and came across hip hop forever 3 i know jeff did volume 2 but dose anybody know about this and best buy and amazon are taking preorders for it now.
  4. HAHA. hope he doesn't get thrown out of his own studio then!!
  5. that sucks i thought jeff just moved the studio out off philly... i wonder whats the name of his new studio then?
  6. yeah, i saw the trailer on g4's comic con special i'm hyped for this next summer and they got the original voice of opitmus prime to!!
  7. hey aj, when i saw the title of this post i really was hoping you were joking but yeah i didn't catch the show and i'm glad i missed it cause if k-fed thinks he's a good rapper then thats nothing but a joke!
  8. ll cool j - mary j blidge favorite flavor
  9. well aren't they gonna be recording some new material soon?... i hope it's a posibility we get a jjfp track on jeff's album that'll definatly hold me over!
  10. i don't think will wouldn't talk about wishing he did tracks like lean back or drop it like it's hot on i wish i made that, if he didn't care about sales a little... but he's got so much money from movie's now i don't think he has to worry about the sales of his albums to much like he said he does music because he loves it.
  11. haha my bad dawg... but got my laptop working like new again and i'm not going no where!!
  12. i gotta pic my copy up soon... sounds like it's a hot mixtape can't wait til kel's album drops!
  13. will's been in the game over 20 years he can release an album whenever he wants to obviously i'd like to here more music, instead of all the movie's he's sign'd up for but i hope we get to here something next year or either early 2008.
  14. i just got season 4 this weekend... it's nice to have all of the episodes but no special features at all just sucks oh well at least were getting fresh prince on dvd can't wait for seasons 5 and 6!
  15. because, i just spent $100 dolars for a new plug for my laptop haha... hey i'm back y'all and forget about that post i made about leaving the boards hell no i'm not leaving!!
  16. word but i'm gonna go ahead and cancel my regetration.. for the time being.
  17. sorry haha... hey tim could you help me cancel my regestration after i see how things go i think i might come back.
  18. i've been having problems with my laptop so i'm going to get it fixed... but i don't want anyone to take my leaving the wrong way, this is one of my favorite sites to visit i come here nerly every day if theirs been any news or not i'm always gonna support this site weither it's a daily visit or posting on the boards but anyway thanks again, for the warm welcome's and the love y'all showed!!!
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