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  1. yeah i saw this through the weekend real late at nigt tho... very nice house but when will here's about this he might wanna have those guy's kyle was with arrested for tresspasing
  2. could be hot then, i wonder how an elton track would sound on a JD beat or maybe a jazzy jeff beat. haha
  3. sounds interesting, i saw snoop on 106th & park talking about how he coaches his sons football team sounds like a fun movie but i don't know if i'm ready to here elton john rap!
  4. i love the remix to Just Cruisin ... i'd rather would've have that instead of Men In Black on the U.S version of BWS.
  5. HAVE FUN IN MIAMI BRO!!! ... party in the city were the heat is on. HAHA
  6. yeah, i saw little bit of that when i clicked on the awards last night... the hole time i was thinking please LL say it ain't so i don't think i'll be checking for the re-runs this weekend.
  7. omg, now thats just plain sick!!!!!!!!!!
  8. yeah me too... i just wanna know what this news is!!!!
  9. that would've been interesting to here that album... but yeah i hope alfonzo wins this competition!!!
  10. Da Brat + Missy JD That's What I'm Looking For (Mr.Dupri Remix)
  11. that's defo a cool site ready rock has... it's a shame he's not as cool with will and jeff like they used to be it would've been cool to have had an old school beat box track on willennium.
  12. and what's coming in 2007 hehe...
  13. DIGABLE PLANETS - Three Slim's Dynamite
  14. i would've loved to see this site when it first launched... haha
  15. yeah, i think there will be a 2 disc limited edition you can order as well.
  16. Hooked on the brothers (The Super Mario Bros. Super Show Theme)
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