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  1. entered by exit ? just like :cya: ? well, welcome/bye. peace.
  2. Wowww U almost could feel his breath!! Thanx 4 the pix!! Just amazing!! Will was so fresh, I love this pic: peace.
  3. hey Wes :wavey: , even though I didn't know u before it's always cool to have to (as JumpinJack AJ said) returning here. so welcome back and have fun :thumb:
  4. This time I have a big feeling. Switch on :fingersx: Switch on :fingersx: pleeease Swiiitch :bowdown:
  5. ¡¡¡¡¡MOOOOOO-CHAS GRACIAS!!!!!! :switch: Thank u very much!!! :thumb: :peace:
  6. OK! :sonny: I have just added you to my buddy list. c ya. :thumb:
  7. cool to see Will and Chistina in the same board------> I like much more Christina since Fighter although Mi Reflejo was good too...
  8. ¡Welcome Myles! I'm agreed with zappa too.
  9. Wow!! look at the photos at the spiderman premier! Willard Smith Willard Smith II Willard Smith III in the same photo!!, I had not seen Will's father in a long time. What a wonderful family!!
  10. I'm sorry!!! please forgive me!!! -------> my English is bad. I didn't know that "rapped" is with double p!! :kekeke: thanx!! :thumb:
  11. yeah!! El Príncipe del Rap!! I don't think is stupid!! Yeah, that's true, but in the show he looked a lot of times like a raper: -Will has raped in the show, I remember he gave some rap lessons to Ashley. -Jazzy Jeff was in the show. -and what about all the rap music that he listened in the house of his uncle. -relax attitud. so he is "El Príncipe del Rap".
  12. I guess a more apropiated name for the sitcom would be the latin one-------> "El Príncipe del rap" = rap prince = prince of rap. But american people decided to call it "Fresh Prince Of Bel Air" because Will's nickname waz (is) the Fresh Prince and he waz the main character.
  13. Alien @ Nov 8 2004, 06:17 PM Sorry!!... I didn't know :dunno:
  14. I'd choose The Mark bcuz: -I'd like to see Will like a soldier (or some1 with his powers). -it's not a sequel, it's a movie never seen before. although I'd like to see bad boys III too. :mikelowry:
  15. Thanx!!! :thumb: it´s the first time I see those pics!! and this little one, mmmm... :kiss:????
  16. Miami Give me tonite Nod ya head Potnas Pump me up The rain Just the 2 of us (with DLG) Afroangel and many more.
  17. Hey, I liked very much the episode with Tza-Tza Gabor------->she played a movie star in the episode when Will and Carlton "stole" her silver clutery collection. I remember her saying: "gracias, sin fotos cariño" traduction: "thanx, without photos my darling" :roll:
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