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  1. I haven't seen it yet :tear: bcoz I, robot has not still arrived to the cinemas here in my country (Colombia). I'm just waiting to the premier, God willing I don't die from waiting :poke:
  2. [quote]when you stand over the ball, and you hope the ball goes straight, the problem with that hope is that hope is interconnected with fear. It is the concept of being able to release the hope in order to release the fear and just feel and connect and let what is going to happen just happen,” adds Smith.[/quote] :bowrofl: Thanx Will for that thought, it applies to many situations of life. U R one of the masters of my life.
  3. I've translated (or try to) an article of Will In Spain. I laughed a lot reading this. I hope u like it. EDICION IMPRESA-CINE Will Smith and his circus He is shaved to the one, but he travels with his barber, it won't be that during the promotion tour he has to scream the «and me with these hair» :laugh2: or to call to Rupert (I need you). But to the margin of this coquetry and of the fifteen suitcases of clothes which he carries, Will Smith doesn't hold other tics of godlike (divo). Rather just the opposite. He is probably the superstar that supports with better humor the ardous procedure of the promotion. He have fun and we have tremendous fun. [img]http://www.elconfidencial.com/images/noticias/will040729.jpg[/img] With everything, he leaves the stretched and distant stars to the height of the polish. His promotional visits becomes a show, but in this occasion, it degenerated until becoming a circus. The actor, in front of his wife's attentive look, Jada Pinkett, didn't stop of making horseplays, so much that in occasions his suffering wife gave the impression of screaming something like that as «earth, swallow». [img]http://estaticos.elmundo.es/elmundo/imagenes/2004/07/27/1090837916_0.jpg[/img] Will, that chose a sport-chic dress, became the main character of the monologue of an improvised club of the comedy, with a public surrendered in the face of so much hilarity (and in occasions caustic acidity). Between joke and laughter, the translators with great difficulty could make their work. And what to say of the journalists. The freshest prince didn't stop of gesticulating, of screaming, of imitating the editors, of making practices in Spanish (until the limit of the reasonable thing) and until taking off the shoes. In this temple of untied laughs, he was dispatched to pleasure with the chanclas (shoes) of a journalist -«do you have skills of asking me that question with those flip-flop?» -, with the translators, - «translate me with American accent» -, with a boy that was in the room and Will chose him as couple of press conference - «hey, ask questions to my friend too.» - and with the photographers - «somebody has shot me!» -. Delirious. :roll: :roll: :roll:
  4. Hey DannYDJ, this [quote]i have bought tickets to the premiere.[/quote] means that u r gonna know to Will Smith in person?? If you r gonna be in the premier with Will let us know everything!!! please!!! :bounce: C ya.
  5. :eek4: :eek4: :eek4: What the ....&?¡#"#2???? why she say this to late ?? All of this seems like she wanna take out profit of Will's money, bcos this is not time to take out the cloths in the sun, or may b she's just jealousy :dunno: but ...mmmm... [color=blue]"Ahhh, No Comments"[/color]??? ---------->that seems like a Will's voice out of context!!! However, Will is the nicest guy in Hollywood and I´m sure that he never wanted to damage her.
  6. At press conference: he, as always, showed a great sense of humor :roll: , he greeted to their fans of the hand and it was willing to answer any question, he sometimes responded in Spanish and it inserted with English. "I take years practicing Spanish in fact to make something different in the cinema, to future, and not to be limited only to say: [color=red]hola mamita[/color]". "I would be interested to work in movies of under budget that are not conditioned to win 80 million dollars in their premiere. In those cases there are many limitations for the actor. It happened to me with ´Ali´ where everything was very restrictive and they didn't leave me neither to take beer. There are strange rules for the cinema of Hollywood... for it would like me to it to work outside in search of more freedom. " Will Smith gave march behind in their idea of being president of his country to consider that "it is a terrible work" and he said that he would also try to move away from the cinema of Hollywood.
  7. Will Smith waz in Mexico to promote I, robot and in the press conference he said: [url="http://www.terra.cl/entretencion/cine.cfm?id_reg=395958"]www.terra.cl[/url] "I take many years practicing Spanish, because I don't discard the possibility to act in a tape in this language. I don't have plans at the moment and I don't believe that it is soon, but I would like to interpret a paper in Spanish and to make something different for not being limited." "The Mexican cinema and Latin American in general are giving much of what to speak in the entire world. I would be fascinated if a director as Cuarón or Del Toro they call me to act and of course that I would not care to work in a tape of under budget if the history is interesting as those that I have seen of these two directors." [img]http://u.univision.com/contentroot/uol/art/images/ent/cine/2004/07/140704_willsmith_3.jpg[/img] He also said: "The problem with the productions of Hollywood is that there are many dollars of for half and the work becomes restrictive. While one works with less presupposed, a film can give more creative freedom of interpretation, so yes I would like to act in independent cinema. There are also in the entire world many very good independent productions."
  8. Juancho, a cual programa enviaste tu e-mail ? a Otro Rollo con Adal Ramones ? oí que Will Smith estuvo en ese programa, acá en Colombia todavía no lo han pasado, bueno, comosea, ojalá Will responda tus preguntas. C ya.
  9. [quote]u know I've been 2 South America and Ghana[/quote] South America ? when ? was he of incognito ? :dunno: Will, if u r reading this, please come to Colombia!!!! :bounce: Sergio Cabrera is an excellent colombian movie director.
  10. I like that Will make his own stunts!!! :touche: That's another reason to c his movie and his body seems so strong----->he can hold back any hit almost like a super hero!! He is an american hero.
  11. WOW, Will naked!! :shower: Why he didn't naked in BB2 ? with the sun of Miami and his scultural body... I think he waz in debt with all of us, we were specting to see more skin in Bad Boys too.
  12. :eek4: :eek4: :eek4: Will give you a kiss!!! :kiss: You waz so close to Mr. Will Smith!!! :eek4: WOW, that waz amazing :roll:
  13. Will Smith was, is and will be to me the Number One 4ever!! I dont care what that ass page say, just :blah: I puke on that page.
  14. That's grate!! and the film also count with the participation of Nelson Mandela and the Dalai Lama!! definitely is necesary watch it, AIDS is involving the entire globe and it's good that the greatest heads and leaders of the world are involved with it. I like very much that Will S. is in this film, I knew that, he's very peaceful (with some thoughts of zen budism) and so influential in the world... I'm just waiting to see him helping the AIDS to stop.
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