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  1. yeah, it really looks greate!!! thanx Tim!!!
  2. I've never seen him wearing a halloween costume (only in the halloween episode of FPOBA), so I wanna know your opinions.
  3. I vote Ninja Turtle, but mayb he would be a little pretty monkey. :roll:
  4. things that I've learn from Will Smith: 1. Be Yourself. 2. Be honest. prince, u should learn from Will too, damn, I wanna believe in your inocence but I can't, I know u r a deboted fan, but ¿¿¿why??? thanx Hax!!!
  5. shark tale rocks!!! by the way, in mtvla.com there is a concurse of shark tale (el espantatiburones) the winner will travel to Australia to swim with sharks!! I'm sure he will!!
  6. yeah, Will is taking spanish lessons and he speak pretty good in spanish--->when he promotes his movies to latin america and Spain he talks in spanish pretty well!!!
  7. Hey, los únicos canales de España q tengo son: tve y antena 3. No sabes de otro canal internacional donde pasen el mismo programa? Bueno, estaré pendiente buscando por ahí. Dinos luego lo que pasa!! peace.
  8. I'm dying!!!------->I won't be able to watch the movie until November 5!!! :bang: and even worse------>Will's voice will be doubled to spanish!!, d*mn, I prefer subtitles. :sad6: with MIIB happened the same (the freestyle part waz pretty bad in spanish) :sad6: I hope Will learns spanish quickly so he can double his own films in spanish.
  9. wa, I like very much the Trey's hair, just look at it----> it seems so soft!! and yes, he's sooo cute (like dad)!!
  10. and where's Angelina Jolie?? Why MTV didn't mention her?? :nono:
  11. eeeh, que bien tener a otra persona que hable español!!!! :thumb:
  12. [color=orange][font="Optima"]¡¡¡¡HAPPY BIRTHDAY WILL!!!![/color][/font] [color=blue][font="Optima"]FROM MEDELLIN (COLOMBIA) THE BEST WISHES TO YOU[/color][/font] [font="Optima"][color=red]¡¡¡¡FELIZ CUMPLEAÑOS!!!![/color][/font] [img]http://www.holidaynotes.com/graphics/56054.jpg[/img] [color=green]1000 KISSES TO YOU, THANKS FOR ALL THAT YOU DO[/color]
  13. [font="Impact"][color=purple]¡¡¡¡HAPPY B-DAY!!!![/color][/font] [img]http://imagescommerce.bcentral.com/MerchantFiles/4502164/451992/15010-44.gif[/img]
  14. yeah, He should play a bad guy, but with a good heart, mayb a guy who wanna be free of his adictions or something like that. :peace:
  15. wow, Will Smith is wonderful!!! what a beautiful heart has Will!!! I love him very much!! It's always nice when someone gives a smile to people who don't have a smile to give, and who better than Will Smith to make you feel in peace when you are in... well, u know. peace.
  16. Will: So!!, this is the deal!!! MIAAMII!!, this is Willers Vs Shaquers!!!, who wins will take home one of Shaq cars!!!. C'mon MIAAAMI!! MIAAMIII!!! Shaq: Hey man, waz up??
  17. (DevilsJim89 @ Aug 31 2004, 12:38 AM)[quote]I dont think FP would wear an MLB jersey with his last name in German on it..ha ha[/quote] haha, yeah, but he did it, maybe without that intention, but he did it. FP knows how different ppl around the world call him, when he waz in Mexico in 2002 he knew he waz [color=red]Guillermo[/color] (Will´s name in Spanish) and he waz [color=red]El Príncipe del Rap[/color] (FP). and, yes, Schmidt is a player on da Phillies, but also it's his last name in German!!
  18. whwhwaaaattt??? :eek4: :eek4: ¡¡¡this little cacorrín!!! :cussing: pirobo, hijueputa, malparido, mariquín!!! :cussing: that's all Messner is!!
  19. No Lhunagar, he's 35, and yes I thought the same, he looks really young!! :thumb:
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