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  1. Hey, note that the red t-**** of Fresh Prince said [color=red]Schmidt[/color], I guess that's his last name in German, I hope that soon he wear a t-shirt with his last name in Spanish, it would be [color=red]Herrera[/color]. and, hey, he didn't look sad, he looked very humble, and being next to Shaq makes him look so tiny------> "I'm like a tinny figurine Shaq's monumental" :speechless:
  2. I guess I'll never gonna met them :tear: . I'm living in Colombia, I can't travel so far and I think Will and Jeff (like all the big stars) don't come overhere. But, who knows?? mayb one day... :fingersx:
  3. with Jeff---------> definately [color=purple][font="Geneva"]OLD SKOOL!![/color][/font] with Mary J Blige-------> :dunno:
  4. [font="Impact"][color=red]FELIZ CUMPLEAÑOS SANDY!!![/color][/font]
  5. I think Britney did stupid things Bcos she had very difficult times, that's the same thing that happens to us in desperate moments. the pressure of the press asking her constantly about her virginity, the Justin thing, people saying her she's a bad singer----->she waz booed in Brazil (Rock in Rio) because she can't sing live... people r now questioning her talent, and how does she react?, my answer: she creates another person to show to the people, when I see her in the videos or somewhere around I think she is another person, not the one in the video, she looks so prefabricated. And I think music videos is to show an artist like the artist is, real. mayb I'm just exaggerating :dunno: , but I miss the Baby One More Time times. I really hope that Will Smith guide her, Fresh Prince has been in this industry for a long time and he knows many things about life. She needs personal help and I see in Will a teacher for her.
  6. [quote]Could this be Will's worst?[/quote] NNNOOOOOO!!!, ABSOFU%&INGLUTELY NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! C'mon, let's support him!!
  7. Will should teach her how not to be a vicious bitch (perra calenturienta)------>girl, a wedding is for live 2gether for a long time, not for a few seconds!! :hsnono: but, in spite of everything, she is a good girl and I'm glad that she and Will r friends.
  8. [quote]ln an interview will said he had nothing to do with her departure from the show.Will said she was a fantastic actress and she made that set feel like a home and that her departure was painful.[/quote] that's nice.
  9. I'd luv to see that commercial, but I think it is an american commercial only and it don't gonna be in latinamerica :bang:
  10. [quote]The bottom line is,it´s a business,and that´s the thing that´s really difficult for artists.[/quote] yeah, the companies just wanna sell us products and the real quality of an artist is forgotten, that is very sad.
  11. hitch just sound to me like a sneeze, that title don't tell nothin' bout the movie. better LFK.
  12. Cumpleaños feliz!! Cumpleaños feliz!! Cumpleaaaños James UK!! Cumpleaños feliz!! Que los vuelva a cumplir!! Que los vuelva a cumplir!! Que los sigas cumpliendo!! Hasta el año tres mil!!
  13. Cumpleaaños Feeliiiz, cumpleaaños feeliiz, cumpleaaaaaaños Stauning, cumpleaaños feeliiz Que los cuumplas feeliz, que los cuumplas feeliiz, que los siigas cumplienndo hasta el aaño 3000!!!
  14. [quote]when your 34 and father of 3[/quote] He's a cool dad, not inresponsible, c'mon!! nobody left hurt !!
  15. one night with Will and his pals-------> :ridepony: :drunk: :dance: haha, I'd wish I waz there!!!
  16. 3W, that pic is so hilarious!!! :hilarious: :roll: :hilarious: :roll: I think Will Smith will look like that!!-------> an old man with muscles, but I think a little more bald He'll be in a great shape.
  17. yeah, I waz wondering the same, How is that switch dance? :dunno:
  18. [color=red]STUPID JOKE ALERT[/color] hey, look at this: [COLOR=blue] For Immediate Release: METALLICA CORPORATION TO COLLABORATE WITH WILL SMITH Metallica Corporation and famous "rapper" Will Smith unveiled their new joint venture today. Lars Ulrich, CEO of Metallica, had this to say "With this venture we intend to expand our market reach to the 13 year old and younger demographic. Mr. Smith is a pioneer in this arena. Before Will Smith rap music was very frightening. He was able to put a brand new friendly face on rap and make it more appealling to the whole family. In the past couple of years we've tried to do the same in the Heavy Metal space -- new logo, melody, haircuts, leather, perrier, etc.. -- but we've never been able to achieve the success that Will has. We hope that this joint venture will help us build a more effective appealing brand in order to bring value to our shareholders going forward." CFO, James Hetfield had this to say, "Napster bad". Will Smith, who will serve as V.P, said "Jada and I think this is really great! Gosh! I've never worked on a Heavy Metal record before but I think it'll be really interesting. We've already hired dancers for the video to promote the first album of our compilation called, 'MetalWillca'". The album is slated for a Christmas release.[COLOR=blue] [url="http://For%20Immediate%20Release:"]here is the article[/url] waz it true ? I like both Metallica and Will :rock:
  19. Spanish (mother lenguage) some English (I can hear and read very well in it, speak...well, not so bad) some French (I'm taking lessons)
  20. I've never heard things 'bout kung pow and thumbs movies, but that pic is hilarious!!. My faves ones: -Dumb and dumber -Shrek 1 and 2 -Meet the parents -Lethal weapon 4 -Bad boys 1 and 2
  21. It is an attraction of Universal Studios in Orlando (Florida). UNIVERSAL STUDIOS® - Universal Studios® is where movies and television come alive to create an exhilarating and exciting experience for every member of the family! With an incredible array of rides, shows, film sets and attractions, it's the number one Movie Studio and Theme Park in the World. Zap the Aliens on the newest ride [color=red]Men In Black™ Alien Attack™ [/color]or enjoy the number one critics' show Terminator 2: 3-D™. There's only one place on earth where you can Ride the Movies® - Universal Studios®!
  22. woowwww!!!!! :eek4: :eek4: U was sooo lucky!!! a party with Will and Jeff!!! -------->What a "rebentón", what a party maaann!! Thanx for the pics. BIG WILLIE!!!, MAGNIFICENT!!!!, GREATEST!!! :dance:
  23. I don´t have only one fav group, I'm with rock, my favs: Guns 'n roses Iron Maiden Aerosmith Kraken Dream Theater and more music full of energy. :rock:
  24. I, robot is opening this weekend here. End of the waiting. :peace:
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