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  1. It was nice to see a read up on Kel. I had read another article about ghostwriting, but it was more critical towards the wrongs of ghostwriting. There are positives and negatives to it.
  2. Maybe you should give those that be in your video a free promo cd or something. What song will this be for Brakes? Best of luck with it, seriously.
  3. I think 50 took back his comments on that bet. On that Forbes Richest Hip Hop Stars, I think they said he had a 5 album deal, so unless something goes down, we'll have at least 2 more albums. I thought with the album being titled "Curtis", it'd be a lil more down to earth. I really don't know who will sell more.
  4. Didn't 50 back out on this bet? I can get into 50 on a couple levels when I listen to him. I don't think I'm a buy either albums right away. I'll probably downloads 50's and maybe buy Kanye's. I'm not sure who's gonna sell more between the 2 of them, not that it matters. But I do think 50 Cent will sell even less then his previous two cds, considering the way rap is selling.
  5. It was tired humor. And yeah, my jaw dropped and said "That's just wrong" when the Benoit joke was said. Everything else, I sorta seen some of the jokes coming. Comedy Central seems to do it up with the roasts. Pam Anderson, Hugh Hefner, and William Shatner. btw, whatever happen to Will Smith's roast. Wasn't he suppose to get one at some Film Festival or something?
  6. I surprised to see a commercial outta nowhere for a 2pac remix album. I got the 1st Remix Klassicz too, and didn't like it at all. It's stashed away collecting dirty somewhere, til I can give it away. I'm pretty much done getting new 2pac material, whether it's good or not I think. Better Dayz was the last one I got. I don't doubt it's good, considering your word AJ, I'm just not gonna pick it up.
  7. I just happened to watch this last nite. Nah Turntable, they counted movie money. They included Ice Cube, Outkast, Eminem, and 50. I don't know why Will wasn't on the list. I thought maybe it was the most recent and most rich in 2006. Or maybe they were truly stupid and didn't research enough and forgot his name. The list is obvious to be honest. I was surprised to see Lil Jon, Swiss Beats, Pharell, and Scott Storch. It must be nice to a millionaire when your music isn't selling too much of anything nowadays.
  8. I guess I'm back now too. Maybe I wasn't gone that long tho.
  9. FPOBA could be Will's greatest success alone if he never made any movies. And I find myself appreciating Jeff's character more now, like he was just as cool as Will was an actor but didn't go that route.
  10. I hate to see people doubting Chamillionaire but it's all cool. The mixtape is awesome. I used to dislike anything to do with the "Dirty South", but Cham changed that quick. Cham been presenting himself for the longest time. If you heard or read his insights on the very stuff we criticize, I think you'd be a lil surprised but agree. And so what if they are used beats? Cham makes the beats way better than the original artist on it. You know that "hot beat and awful lyrics" mix. That's not on this cd. If you get down with Cham, cool. If not, that's on you. btw, that PA sticker don't mean anything. It might be for his track with Famous. There isn't really any cussing at all. I think it's only on that track with Famous and the arabic guy skits. btw, i dont anybody missed me. lol.
  11. I don't care what the price. If I see it, I'm getting it.
  12. That's just stupid. He was rapping and reinacting the movie. Will Smith is big enough, he could probably sell just as much as Born To Reign in the street (not literally, but raw to the point he's with the people). And how successful was "Switch" online?!? And with Big Willie Style, every song was a hit and could've been a single. That's probably one of the reasons it was so successful. He was with a big company, sampled it up. So it's a wonder how much money Will really got. But then again, he had a huge success in those series of movies. We shouldn't act like Will can't have a low point in his career. Everybody has had them. And at this rate, I don't think I care to see another JJFP album, or even one more. Or maybe JJFP is a lot like Black Star. Kweli said that Black Star is better live. Maybe it's the same with JJFP. That's the aspect they present. I mean who doesn't wanna see JJFP live? If they do at least one more, Jeff can put the beats together, and send them to Will so he can record in his home studio, then go right back to Jeff and his crew to mix and engineer. Also, if they do go on one last huge tour, they can sell their cds at the show, and put it in local outlets. Will's got a family. Let him take it easy and make money off of his money outlets. His production company, JJFP albums, his solo albums, his movies, etc. After reading what everybody has said in this topic, this is where I got my mind made up.
  13. A Tribe Called Quest - Vibe With The Tribe (mixed by DJ Daddy Dog) All that talk about ATCQ made me pull this out.
  14. Talib Kweli feat. Jean Grae - Say Something (Eardrum - 2007)
  15. Talib Kweli - on Hot 97 w/ Miss Jones Wow, this is a really cool interview. Kweli brought out points about the Imus situation and hip hop, the Alec Baldwin call, his rumor of being slapped at a party, and stuff.
  16. Majority rules. That's all. And some people just don't know. I don't know what in the world emo is or really how to categorize it. Some type of rock? Are you gonna hate me for that? I hope not.
  17. Jeez. I was most shocked at the "14 yr old boy getting slapped around" by Yayo. Stupid mistakes. "Young & dumb" as my dad likes to say. Maybe these people are living and/or grew up under bad/no guidance. Whatever these problems are starting, it needs to stop.
  18. The closest thing around the Pittsburgh area, and I'm just southwest of that, is they play all older stuff on Sunday. A few times during the week around lunch hour, they do "old school". BET's ol' school is ridiculous. They'll play a Bow Wow joint from just a year or two ago. Or something of the sorts. Yes. From 2007 to 2004. That makes me feel so so old. The music will change. Sales are getting worse for what labels claim to be "hit records". These types of conversations do get tired. And besides, Will's got money. Talking bout "Wendy Williams better leave me alone, before I buy your radio station and send you home." Why can't he just do that then? Or something of the sorts? Is internet or satellite radio even serious enough to help this change?
  19. The profanity free is no publicity stunt. I never caught Chamillionaire dropping bad words, hardly ever. It was slim to none every song. Chamillionaire is not the typical mainstream rapper of today's world. He really didn't even have to announce it. He does everything creatively he can. He's not all about one thing, like material gloating.
  20. I wondered what happened to her. See she's out with another cd. I might check a few tracks out. It's cool to see her being strong regardless where her career may go, considering these labels.
  21. One of the tracks that makes Homebase my favorite album.
  22. Ok, here's my notes. Where I Stand - Scratch idea was cool, but it could've been better to scratch lyrics to fit what "Concept" was all about. U had nice aggressiveness, fairly good. Precipitation - Very smart & cool. Production was good, and you being deep. Stop the Clock - Nice sample. Lyrics was cool. I think you could've left the sound effects out on this song. Overall, this track is a fav for me. Coppa - Would've been a lot better if the sample was more rhythmicly sync. If the beat was on, you could've flow'd a lot smoother. Otherwise, this would've been a fav as well. The beat's offness just kept that from happening. Like a Little Kid - One I think most would skip. Since I know a lil better personally, I could get the Mos Def "Children's Story" idea. Apocolypse Now - Vocals should've been lowered. Echo was overdone. I think if you'd a tried different echo technique and levels, the song couuld be better than what it is. Planet Earth - Another track that could've done without sound effects Complete Anatomy- Beat sounded off. Lyrical delivery was cool 2050 - Decent beat. Could've rapped stronger in telling it as a story the way you did. Nice thinking ahead. The Concept Effect - Love the intro. Beat was awesome. Lyrically U were smooth. Probably my most favorite. Blind - Guitar could've been better. Beat thru U off. Sounded like U tried to hard to sing. I could tell your rock band presence a lil bit tho. Writers Block / Inspiration - Felt your honesty. Liked the beat change up. Your parents, I don't know. The 4:35 beat was cool. Lyrics was nice. ----- Lyrics: B Flow: C (U got off, could've delivered some songs better, or approached tracks different. Overall: 3/5 or 6.25/10 I take my hat off to U for all the work U put in. I don't know if your cover matched the sound of your cd. I think you could've allowed photos to be more personal, like "studio" or around friends, in school, etc. The electicness of your beats and lyrics is a skill you could truly take advantage off.
  23. Well, there was C. Delores Tucker and the whole situation with 2pac (plus his cases in relation to his music), Snoop, Dr. Dre, and the likes. And we've had the protests against Eminem when he came out. The FBI letter in regards to NWA. Where was the Hip Hop summit? People were letting more and more slide. 2pac understood the good and bad of women and knew he wasn't perfect in the way he dealt with all of them. BET uncut was a bit much, but they ran it real late at night. Or they should've had it have it's own channel that people would have to pay for. And I wouldn't be surprised if this wasn't enough to push the buttons. I tell you what, I better not hear any excuses of "Oh, I can't make it because of my schedule." Especially when it's over something petty as it relates to this. Even if it's by speaker phone or something. And the people who do go, if they're not going to effectively take action, I don't wanna hear of them being there. plus, Will's music itself is enough to be a speak out. We're his fans and can "promote" his music. Lost + Found ring a bell? But I hope he still gets involved. Everybody's throwing out some good points.
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