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  2. Wow! Good luck and have fun man!
  3. I agree that boom bap is still alive, but not commercially. That is why LL choosing to rhyme over wack beats is so disappointing.
  4. Of course I heard the beat change. It got worse. I was actually holding out some hope on the intro. I agree with AJ, LL has not slipped, not even a little bit. He has to have the courage to resist the temptation to accept wack production just because it is the norm these days. After all, he's rich and has a fantastic acting career, which should give him the ability to defy compromise when it comes down to his first love, his music. Stand up and be true to the boom bap!
  5. Congrats Brakes!!! Many blessings to you and the fam! :wave2:
  6. Quiet as it's kept, $3000 is about the going rate for artists on the current level of Coolio (and myself), and a bucket of chicken sounds like a better spread than one or two other gigs that I have done with him... I'm sure that it was the bottle of Patron that sealed the deal. That is the hardest item to get on your rider. :laugh:
  7. Pardon the spam fam! Yo y'all, next week Saturday, April 25th, at 5PM EST, 10PM GMT, my son DJ Dogtrane and I return to Global Funk Radio with our new show, Jam-On The Groove! We've changed the name because this show will be drastically improved in production value over the old, as it will be fully incorporated with my studio equipment. Dogtrane will be doing his usual live megamixes and mash-ups. If you guys haven't heard him before then ask somebody, the kid is dope! I will be doing my share of mixing and record playing, spinning themes and vibes, and playing LOTS of what is roc
  8. Great idea! I might do the same for Dirty Shoulders. Hey we should all do one for one of the tracks off the mixtape! Great ideas!
  9. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TIMMAY!!! :wickedwisdom: :wickedwisdom: :wickedwisdom: Figured I'd post it here instead of next door, where you probably wouldn't see it. See you in a month and a half!
  10. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! :gettinjiggywitit:
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