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  1. Lerkot

    Will`s retirement

    Four or five minutes.
  2. Lerkot

    Will`s retirement

    Want me to start living in a fiction world? I cant. And it would break the forum guidelines, "5. Do not pretend to be anyone that you are not". And like Jonny said two months ago, "nah, Lerk just offers the other side of the story, which is often funny and makes the board more interesting. maybe he's just being a realist cos from what we've heard today doesn't look like there's any more music in the pipeline.". Plus, I am sometimes more positive than anyone else on the board. Like in the "2 MEN SAVE TODDLER"-topic and the PoH-predictions topic. Sure, I listen to positive music and I think that I have quite a positive view on life, but when someone glorifies something that suck, just because there are red and yellow flowers in it, of course I am going to give you my side of it, thats why we got forums, to discuss things. Same thing if someone say something stupid, Im not gonna agree just because its positive. Actually, to be honest, I think that many of the people in this forum arent positive, they just choose to overlook problems. In real life, being positive might help you and your closest but it is also likely to make it much harder for the souls who try to bring up problems and do something about them.
  3. Lerkot

    Cool photos you've taken...

    That picture is pretty amazing actually. What kind of camera is it?
  4. Lerkot

    Will`s retirement

    Man, are you guys deaf or something? He has said it very loud and clear a two times the last weeks. We even got a video from when he said "that may be in the past" (which he said in a way that sounded the same as "me? rap? no way". I wont say nothin till he retires, not rumors, not "that may be int he past", i want facts To me it is facts until he releases music again. "That may be in the past" might look okey when you read it, it can give you some hope. But when you hear it, its totally different. But sure you guys can keep live in your little dream world as usual and ill stay in my realistic one..
  5. Lerkot

    little help

    Tell Washieka that it was because he couldnt prounance washieka. Or just use was Bart said.
  6. Lerkot

    Will`s retirement

    Is it you Renagade? Seriously man, no. Its not gonna happen. You cant be serious.
  7. Lerkot

    Faces Behind Post III

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vI3VnIEQ3dw Mad breaking skills.
  8. Lerkot

    EU Stats

    Statistics is always interesting. I have removed results that are without interest. For example, in this first question Hungary isnt counted in since they are not in the top, the bottom and there are no member on this forum from Hungary (that I know of) Personal consumption of cannabis should be legalised throughout Europe % who Agree Netherlands 49% (highest... lol) Spain 40% Ireland 30% France 28% Italy 28% Portugal 27% Average 26% Belgium 26% Denmark 22% Germany 19% Poland 11% Romania 9% Sweden 9% Finland 8% (lowest) Is the EU going in the right direction? Percantage voting yes: Lithuania 57% (highest) Romania 57% Slovenia 56% Poland 55% Ireland 51% Portugal 41% Belgium 37% Denmark 36% Spain 35% Netherlands 31% Sweden 31% Italy 29% Germany 28% UK 24% France 22% Support for a common foreign policy For Greece 80% (highest) Slovenia 80% Poland 78% Germany 77% Belgium 74% France 70% Italy 70% Average 68% Netherlands 68% Spain 65% Denmark 62% Ireland 59% Portugal 59% Sweden 51% UK 49% (lowest except Turkey who isnt a member yet) A common defence and security among EU member states For Cyprus 89% (highest) Belgium 88% Germany 84% Poland 84% France 81% Netherlands 78% Italy 74% Spain 69% Denmark 68% Portugal 68% UK 57% Sweden 56% Ireland 52% (lowest except for Turkey) Criminals should be punished harder For Cyprus 97% (highest) Czech Republic 95% Slovakia 93% Belgium 90% United Kingdom 88% Poland 88% Ireland 87% Italy 87% Germany 86% Portugal 86% Netherlands 82% Sweden 81% Spain 81% Denmark 70% (lowest) More equality and justice even if it means less freedom for the individual For Portugal 80% (highest) Hungary 74% Italy 73% Poland 70% Belgium 68% France 66% Germany 63% Spain 62% Ireland 60% United Kingdom 56% Sweden 55% Denmark 48% The Neterlands 46% The place of religion in our society is too important Agree Cyprus 81% (highest) Malta 70% Italy 63% Poland 55% Uk 53% Spain 48% Sweden 45% Belgium 43% France 43% Ireland 42% Germany 33% Denmark 31% Netherlands 31% Estonia 20% (lowest) Homosexual marriages should be allowed throughout Europe Agree Netherlands 82% (highest) Sweden 71% Denmark 69% Belgium 62% Spain 56% Germany 52% France 48% UK 46% Ireland 41% Italy 31% Portugal 29% Poland 17% Latvia 12% Romania 11% (lowest) Adoption of children should be authorised for homosexual couples throughout Europe Agree Netherlands 69% (lowest) Sweden 51% Denmark 44% Belgium 43% Spain 43% Germany 42% France 35% UK 33% Average 32% Ireland 30% Italy 24% Portugal 19% Romania 8% Malta 7% Poland 7% (lowest) Immigrants contribute a lot to our country Agree Sweden 79% (highest) Portugal 66% Ireland 56% Netherlands 53% UK 47% Denmark 45% France 44% Romania 43% Italy 41% Average 40% Belgium 40% Spain 40% Poland 33% Germany 30% Slovakia 12% (lowest)
  9. Well... Nas whole career is a tribute to KRS-One and his view of hiphop. Not that strange that he gets some love back as well.
  10. Lerkot


    Yeah.. but its not the same thing at all actually. Sure, it is a problem that no one does anything when people get raped or killed in the streets but a baby falling out of a window, thats a totally different thing since there is no real danger in it.
  11. Lerkot

    EU Stats

    Give it time. Im sure its good for Romania and maybe ten other countries.
  12. Lerkot


    What do you work with?
  13. Lerkot

    EU Stats

    A part of Europe is very hard to change, but that you dont want to be a part of the European Union is a thing I agree with. I dont like that Sweden is in it either. It has many bad sides and only a few good ones.
  14. What the hell did you expect? The fact that its chess gets me excited, but Disney! I might be wrong but that movie could be REALLY bad. Whats the latest good movie they made? Hmm... the Lion King was ok. Before that? The Jungle Book. Thats 30 years between... the odds arent too good with other words. lerkot im shocked, you've insulted Will, many great artists, movies and even my religion, but now you've criticized disney, you've take it too far!!!! :shakehead: :wiggle: Naaah.. or well... yes. There are worse things than Disney, and they have made some real classics, but the last ten years they havent made much good stuff. And it kinda annoy me to like anything by a company named after Walt Disney who was quite a sick persons. Especially in old things from Disney you see hidden messages that are really disturbing and some of that tradition lives on today... even if its much less disgusting. My favorite sequence when I show how horrible Disney was a person is from Santa's Workshop where you can see Disneys portrait of what he thought was a typical jew: a man on one of those one wheel bicycle reaching out his hands, obviously begging for money.
  15. What the hell did you expect? The fact that its chess gets me excited, but Disney! I might be wrong but that movie could be REALLY bad. Whats the latest good movie they made? Hmm... the Lion King was ok. Before that? The Jungle Book. Thats 30 years between... the odds arent too good with other words. The Pirates of the Caribbean - Curse of the black pearl and Dead man's chest. Yeah well.. dont agree really. But sure, they were both decent.
  16. Lerkot


    In that case you should get out some more. Ok, I went for an 2 miles long walk today. I didnt see one single dead baby lying on the sidewalk. If I or anyone I know see a baby falling out of a window we will try to catch it, same thing with everyone else on the streets here, with one or two exceptions. But maybe its different in Holland where you live.
  17. Well actually this Bond was the way in which Ian Fleming intended his Bond character to be in the original books That could be discussed. Most Bond fans I speak with consider Dalton the most Fleming like, while they are not sure thats a good or a bad thing.
  18. Lerkot


    Yes, the angels Julio and Pedro. Nice catch, but I doubt the world will ever get so evil that people would just ignore it :)
  19. What the hell did you expect? The fact that its chess gets me excited, but Disney! I might be wrong but that movie could be REALLY bad. Whats the latest good movie they made? Hmm... the Lion King was ok. Before that? The Jungle Book. Thats 30 years between... the odds arent too good with other words.
  20. Lerkot


    Will wont win. I hope Forest Whitaker does it, loved him since I saw Smoke.
  21. Lerkot

    What is your favourite serious role?

    He played Yoda... :) I go for EotS
  22. Lerkot

    50 cent: hip hop is dead

    I agree. And since I am AJs total counterpart, I think most would agree.
  23. Lerkot

    runaway love/ tell me why

    That part I find very not amazing. I dont think it would have been a hit. Maybe, but most likely not. Not enough catchy. And who says Interscope didnt want to release it? With some distance to it, im pretty sure they would have released it if Will cooperated well, since it had potential. Signing a contract with FP wouldnt be a good idea since he says he wont rap anymore. And K Smith I would very much like to keep away from the decent labels.