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If someone had to star as will


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if someone had to star as will...like in a biography type movie...who you think it would be?

i'd go with brad pitt but theres just that little factor of skin colour so jamie foxx and denzel washington would be ok choices.

alfonso roberto might be ok if he can pull off what he did in that episode about the interviewer from princeton.

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chris tucker doesn't have enough bass in his voice :lolsign:

yeah that...but i can agree wit andreik bout Chris Rock!

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well, denzel is too old and a more respected actor than Will. it should be an young actor, who more or less looks up to Will.

maybe Bow Wow, lol, just joking.

Dave Chappelle could play him :rofl:

or maybe dabrakes could star as Will :lolsign: i guess that he would love to play Will :wiggle:

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