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If someone had to star as will


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definaltly not chris rock, im not really sure. will is such an orignial and unique person it would be hard to play him unless you were him. you gotta take into consideration all the phases of his life, like jjfp, and then acting, and then big will. oscars. stuff like that, it would be a hard roll.

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I'm willing to bet that the person who would play Will would be a nascent actor; someone not well known. Someone actually said Dave Chappelle? That was a joke I hope... his voice would kill it instantly. So would Chris Rock's... Plus both of them are too skinny.

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You know if someone actually made a movie about Will's life.. abio-pic it would actually be really interesting.. theres no denying it.. west philly rapper to television sitcom star and household name to biggest movie star in the world.. its better than any hollywood movie script..

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