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what if we released tell me why ourselves?


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since interscope is clearly not interested in releasing tell me why.. I got an idea.. what if we released it as a single ourselves.. what i mean is..what if we got the tell me why track and posted it at every possible place we could think of.. just to get people to hear the track.. we can also post a link to buy the track on itunes.. mary j bliges album is at 1.2 million albums.. we could post tell me why at all the mary j blige fan sites and forums.. it would have to be a concentrated effort tho.. where we just blitzed a whole heap of places and got the word out about this song.. PEOPLE NEED TO HEAR TELL ME WHY! we could get lost and found's sales back on track... tell me why is an important song and if interscope aint gonna put it out there its up to us..the fans to do it ourselves.. let people hear what Wills saying about the world.. people who would not ordinarily hear the track.. what do you think? :wiggle: set a date for our "release" and then do 2 weeks of solid promotion of the track.. we could just build up a network of support..get people playing the track for their friends... get the track on everyones myspace.. just spread it like a virus!! the people we get to hear it..we then enlist them to get others to hear it...

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promoting "mr. nice guy"/"pump ya brakes" is also a good idea, fp could market some sales off of the bow wow beef

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Screw it, I'm in. Although we tried to do this for Party Starter... Tell Me WHy can by hyped up in a lot more places. So would you upload it to your site tim? People are much more likely to download it from a direct link to an mp3 than rapidshare/yousendit... maybe Lerk could upload it, he's got space?

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