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what if we released tell me why ourselves?


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least I know I would have done something about lost and found instead of sitting around talking **** about how its disappointing a new single didn't get released or lost and found wasn't promoted better..

here is a link to buy Tell Me Why on iTunes


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What's wrong with the beat? It's very dramatic and perfect for the tone of the song... How could the Mary fans not like it? They must be the bandwagon fans, I can't imagine the hardcore Mary fans not feelin' it, it's vintage soul!!! I don't really feel Mary's new album that much either, I don't see the big hype over it selling 1.2 million, probably just the new fans would like it, her earlier stuff's much better even though it was less popular, I've been listening to Mary for over a decade...

The beat sounds so cheap ... its very poppy ... Ï don't think it fits the tone of the song at all.

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