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Check out Switch Music Video @ WillSmith.com

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I don't think the label thing should worry us. Will has enuff money 2 do it himself if he wants. Either way tho'...he is The Fresh Prince. He was looking at lables awhile ago so he probably knows what he's doing.
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[quote=Jonny 5,Jul 15 2004, 01:37 PM][quote=DevilsJim89,Jul 14 2004, 10:19 PM] two words man: ITS FOR REAL[/quote]
three words man: great news! [/quote]
:thumb: :bowrofl: hehehehe *rotfl*

btw .. ive discovered kwamé in the "so fresh" video and im gettin hyped more n more :D Edited by Lhunagar
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Man i can't wait to here the new single. the video must be dope!!!
Really Oldskool! And with Jeff on the Wheels!!! Will and Kwame rapping!!
Finally we'll have REALLY good music since B2R (maybe)!!!

Man I CAN'T WAIT 6 WEEKS!!! That's TOOOOO long :bowdown:
I'll pray to see the video soon!!!!
Will: Please come to Germany and ROCK THE HOUSE!!!!!! With Jeff of course :dancingcool:

Go Wiiiill Goooo Goooo WILL!!!!

Jazzy Jeff & Fresh Prince ROCKS THE HOUSE

PS: Just listening to I'm Coming :jig: :dj:
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Hey everyone!!! Don't know if anyone remembers me...it's been a while, been really busy. Last time i posted was on the old Sony Will Smith board, but i'm still as big on JJ+FP as i was before!!! Great news about Will's album!!!!

There are so many new names here!!! The only ones i recognise are 3cookies and AJ, good to see JJ+FPs fan base is always growing!
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Guest Prince
Welcome over to the board...

There are some old heads around... I don't know if you remember me, I've been with the fans community for around 2-3 years...
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definetly the BEST news since BTR, im so exited, my family and friends keep shutting my mouth up because i just dont stop saying "Will Smith's SWITCH, on christmas in a store near you" cant wait to hear the single... anyway what are six weeks when you've been waiting for 2 years?? i think is the first non-movie first single since Boom! Shake the room am i wrong?
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2day (Wednesday) marks about 5 weeks!!

Gee....imagin that, Will isn't on Columbia...and the 1st single isn't a stupid movie song. Looks like someone has total control over their career again.
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