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  1. cameo roles could work better, even if its in a music video (- Carlton was in the wild wild west music video). Just to see them together again would be interesting.
  2. That could be an interesting film to see, even if there is like a 10 year gap as with bad boys, that sequal worked well so there's no reason for this one not to be good aswell - if it's true.
  3. I think they should leave it as it is, few movies based on old tv shows work or if they do they have to ruin it by making bad sequels.
  4. It's gotta be Will, he's reason for watching the show. But Ashley was good, it was good seeing how she grew as a character, changing with Will's influence.
  5. Summertime, it's always on the radio during summer
  6. Thanks, Can't wait to see the film!
  7. Great news, at last! I hope they include plently of extras!
  8. Thanks for the link to the pics, I missed the show too!
  9. well done, I'm liking the new look!
  10. spin


    MIB was good, but I think they should leave it there, now BB3 would be a great idea it's definitly got more possibilities for plots.
  11. Thanks for the article, it's good to read about Jeff talking about the early days and money as it's normally Will
  12. Mine changes, at the moment it's nothin on my mind and just crusin
  13. Great, more news about the album! I can't wait to hear new stuff from Will!
  14. I've been away and missed all of this, it seems such a shame that a well liked member of the board has done such awful things and upset many members. I hope the board can move on from this and become the happy friendly place it use to be.
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