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Check out Switch Music Video @ WillSmith.com

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I heard Switch on Radio1 twice in the same day,though i haven't heard it today or yesterday. Has anyone inthe uk heard it? Ihope they don't stop playing it and leave it till Will visits.

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Buy Switch

Hmm buying singles is silly, I think! Because u just need to wait a lil' bit mo' and then u can go out and buy the whole album! That's way better or not? If u buy lots of singles and listen to them often, then someday u won't listen anymore because u're bored of the track and then when u listen to the album, u skip the track what u've listened to all the time! U kno' I'm sayin'?


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yeh, ive heard the song on radio here in the uk already. it was on kiss 100.00, the presenter said.....he is already a multi millionare, actor, his new album lost and found which snoop dogg, mary j blidge, ludacruis, its his new single from Will Smith "Switch"....

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