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TRL just began and Will said hes got the new album coming out and his new single will be out in 6 weeks!

THIS IS LEGIT! I forgot who he said he was working with but right off the bat they asked him about music!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Plus, Will came out to the crowd with Freakin' It blasting! ah man!!!!!!!!!!
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I'm so hyped...however, if i think about it, this is gonna be a long 6 weeks. The hype of I, Robot will keep me held over 4 awhile tho.' I think the timing is right this time around...and i think the music will be right as well. Fans always go crazy 4 Will...it's a matter of him winning them over as real fans and not idiots on TRL who are told 2 scream 4 whoever is on the show.
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Although im sure the single will be ace, if a few of us don't like it don't let it put you off getting the album when it is released. Even tho its bound not to be a type of song that was written personally to be a single its probably gonna be the most commercial track off the new album and maybe not the best.

Why am i getting so worried :dunno: ITS GONNA BE ACE
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