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Now that Will has finished promoting I, Robot does that mean he is going home to shoot the video. That means USA ppl can hear it really soon, and then soon after that im sure bits of it will be on the internet for every1 else to see. So it might be less than 2 and a half weeks. woohoo!!! :switch:
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[quote=sexywshgirl,Aug 5 2004, 09:02 PM]I cant wait to see will doin the "Switch" in his video. Hopefully he Will go to MTV to world premire it. I will definately vote for the video so it can get out there to people!! :rock: :rock: :dj:[/quote]
yeah we all gotta get voting for it!! i hope jeffs in the videos 2.. i wonder how long it is between them shootin the video and it premiering?
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[quote=DevilsJim89,Aug 6 2004, 01:23 AM]LA? damn why not Philly...take it back..lol

ah well cant complain...its new material[/quote]
he all ready shoot a video in Philly... (freakin' it right?)

and don't worry on the votes... when it will come we will put links and vote every day!...
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But i can stillsee this original 6 weeks being delayed abit, You know how things can be. Role on a month from now im guessing. Really gotta get time for the video to be out for a couple of weeks before the actual song does.
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