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Check out Switch Music Video @ WillSmith.com

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Will Smith fully embraced technology while making new sci-fi film I, Robot - he created his new single on his lap-top computer.

He explains, "There's a music programme, called Reason, that connects to another music program, called ProTools. I have an album coming out for Christmas, and I just recorded my first single from inception, creating the music, laying the vocals, everything in a hotel room.

"I mixed it on my laptop on a plane flying back to Los Angeles and it's just insane to me. I burned a CD so I have everything in my G4 titanium laptop.

"That it's come to that point is just beautiful to me."



"Switch" waz recorded on his lap-top?!?! :eek4:
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Guest Prince
[quote=willreign,Jul 22 2004, 11:06 PM][quote=Hero1,Jul 22 2004, 11:15 AM] jeff isnt on switch i dont think[/quote]
have u heard Switch Tim?...

and it 5 weeks from now!... [/quote]
lol Tim watched it live
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The ting is alot of us probably will download it, bu it wont stop me going out and buying it anyway, im just real eager to hear it.

Im the type of guy who will download songs im gonna by anyway, or real hard to find B-sides or tracks that i just can't can't get hold of anywhere else, and you make thinki different but i think thats a good thing
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