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Last night i went to a halloween party (i know 2 weeks early)and it was on a boat. me being me wanted to go as something different so i went as a mummy. As i do with all parties i requested switch and did the dance, some1 got hold of a camera and took a pic of me and so here it is, Julie doing the switch dance, dressed as a mummy, on a boat, while quite ill. (ignore the double chin, i dont normally have 1 it was just the way the pic was taken lol, and i was slightly intoxicated)


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Yo Scy, U look like all them other crazy boys we see in this world. I bet you do Mortal Kombat moves with your friends or try to make up some phony rap lingo. But it's all good.

And Julie, that pic is funny. That's one thing I've never seen: some showing sickness in a picture. That lady coughing it looks like. Or maybe your just a stinky mummy out for revenge. :lolsign: And if it's a Halloween party, how come no one else is dressed up?

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