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Faces Behind The Posts II

Da Brakes

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ps: I hope you didn't steal the bandages from the vets!?

haha nah i didnt steal, i ordered and bought them but without vat and stuff.

Im glad every1 liked it, a lot of thought and effort went into that costume lol. and a lot of effort went into my dancing too! :1-say-yes:

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I like this post. It's funny to read/watch what you writed/showed!

What a shame that I couldn't see your everything photos included in replieses:( & post "Faces Behind The Posts" vol. I:) It's good to see other fans of our idols. I remeber that on WS.com people are frightened to show their photo on profiles (stalkers could be everywere). You don't worry about this so I'm going to also show some pictures of mine. Ok, stop talking. This is me when I had 1 years old.... I think.


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[oh I forgot. I'm scanning those photos]

Mr Sailorman in infant school.


Mr Indian in infant school! Mr Sailorman was in creche (sorry my bad):)


Mr "Fire The Roof", chillin with beautiful person my sister in school.


Mr "Space Cowboy" in tha house (christmas).


Mr "Good brother" before sister b-day barty.


Part One is ended. To Be continued.........

Also check page number 61!

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Everyone seems to have baby pictures and I felt left out, so I decided to find my own.


Me at 3 with my beautiful mom :1-say-yes:


Then me at 4, notice the outfit, as we can see it clearly influenced Will in the Miami video he just changed the shirt to pink :lolsign:


A young model in the making. (Age 7)


Then at 12, notice how I'm stealing Damian's format :yeah:


And me, currently. Had to throw that in so yall could get an evolution chart thing going :lolsign:

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