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We had friendship pictures taken at school last year so I uploaded mine. My friends Cassie, Ali, and Mady are the ones standing in the back, my friend Kate is the one laying in their arms, and I'm the one laying on the floor.


This is my school picture from this year, so it was taken a couple weeks ago.


yeah great picks

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I found a good picture uploading site that works well for me so hopefully I can upload more pictures soon :thumbsup:

That was me, FuNkY.FrEsH.ChIcK... but I can't log in for some reason... :hmm:

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Here's my best Michael Jackson impression on a very windy night in a Wal-Mart parking lot. It's so windy, that if i didn't crop the picture in, u'd see my friends hair blowing in the picture (which is still in the left side of the pic).


In retrospective...it almost looks like i'm about 2 perform the world's biggest sneeze.


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