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When does the Party Starter Video Premiere?


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Wowwwwwwww, a premiere during the VMA's??  First class all the way!  :dope:  Maybe Interscope was a little bit late on the release, but they sure know how to do it right now since they've finally gotten around to it.  :interesting:

Yeah I agree that is a good idea because a lot of people watch the VMA's!! This is great publicity, hopefully it helps to promote the album!

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First of all, thanks for this great news tim, you rock our world.

Secondly, i don't watch a lot of VMA's, but isn't this mostly just for awards etc. ? I mean it sounds weird, are they gonna show the video during that award and everyone is gonna watch it live ? like the celebrities etc.

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that's what i'm wondering too Typhoon. i don't remember new videos being premiered on awards shows. oh well i'll keep a look out anyways. thanx 4 the news tim. unfortunately i'm still not hyped about the video tho. :shrug:

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I agree that showing the video around the time of the vma's is a good idea as alot of people will be watching mtv

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